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Thursday, February 18, 2016 from 10am-3pm
#OregonSOS Oregonians are sinking, and it's time to do something about it! Join us as we build a tent city on the steps of the capitol building to highlight and call for a housing state of emergency in Oregon. Demand solutions to this state of emergency such as rent control and an end to no-cause evictions, a statewide $15 and local control of minimum wage laws, and an end to ODOT sweeps of houseless camps. For those taking the bus, please be at the parking lot of the Oregon AFL-CIO by 7:30am. The bus will leave to return to Portland at 3pm. The Oregon AFL-CIO is located near the corner of SE 32nd and Powell (3645 SE 32nd Ave, Portland, OR 97202). Sponsored and endorsed by Portland Tenants United, Right to Survive, Right 2 Dream Too, 15 Now PDX, Don't Shoot PDX, Portland Rising Tide, Jobs with Justice, Portland State University Student Union, Hazelnut Grove, International Socialist Organization, Socialist Alternative, Portland Solidarity Network, Portland Committee for Human Rights in the Philippines, and more. http://www.facebook.com/events/1653044144962631/
Wednesday, February 3, 2016 from noon-3pm
We’re at a dramatic crossroads in our journey to protect the climate in Oregon. In February, legislators in Salem will consider the most important climate legislation in our state's history, the Healthy Climate Bill. The bill would limit climate pollution and account for its cost in Oregon, accelerating the transition to clean energy and creating a healthier future for our children. On February 3rd, join hundreds of Oregonians in Salem to call on legislators to support the Healthy Climate Bill. We need EVERYONE for the rally at noon on the Capitol Steps! Please RSVP and we'll be in touch with opportunities to carpool and more details. RSVP here: http://bit.ly/1TDfiot CONTACT YOUR LEGISLATORS and ask them to support the Healthy Climate Bill! Click here to contact them directly: http://bit.ly/1ZMEooN Supporters of the bill include: Renew Oregon, OLCV, Interfaith Power and Light, Climate Solutions, Sierra Club, Oregon Environmental Council, Onward Oregon, 350 Eugene, Rogue Climate, Southern Oregon Climate Action Now, Union of Concerned Scientists, 350 Deschutes, Environment Oregon, Hair on Fire, Columbia Gorge Climate Action Network, and many more! If you'd like to endorse the bill, please contact Page at page@reneworegon.org. ************* RALLY CARPOOL & BUS MEET-UPS ASHLAND: Meet at Shop-N-Kart (2268 Ashland St) Leave at 6:45am Lead Contact: Paula, 541-261-8033 MEDFORD: South Medford Fred Meyer (1301 Center Dr) Leave at 7:00am Lead Contact: Kathy, 541-324-4501 EUGENE: First United Methodist Church (1376 Olive St) Leave at 10am Lead Contact: Lee Deveau 458-205-1462 BEND: JCPenny Parking Lot (63455 N Hwy 97 Ste 93, NW Corner of the parking lot between Penny’s & Bed Bath Beyond) Leave at 8:30am Lead Contact: Wesley Noone, 541-550-8246 Additional Contact: Diane Hodiak, 206-498-5887 PORTLAND AREA: Lloyd Center (on NE 13th between NE Multnomah and NE Holladay) Depart at 10:30am Lead Contact: Lori Benton, 503-421-7423 NORTHERN COAST: Lighthouse Bar 36480 N Hwy 101 Meet at 9am Lead Contact: Mike Cook 503-706-7390 CORVALLIS: 1st St under Harrison Blvd Bridge Meet at 10:45am Lead Contact: Kris Paul 541-250-9575 ROSEBURG: Douglas County Library (1409 NE Diamond Lake Blvd) Meet at 8:45am Lead contact: Stuart Liebowtiz, 541-672-9819 SALEM: 12pm on Capitol Steps http://www.facebook.com/events/791805140924810/
Wednesday, September 16, 2015 from 10am-5pm
Meet us at the State Capitol steps in Salem. Speakers at 11:30 am to 1:30 pm 'Nchee Wana Fishermen. Local Water Alliance, Bark, Food and Water Watch. More Info. Unchee Wana Fishing People Against Nestle: 541-374-2007 or 503-913-2031 It will be helpful to bring extra food and water donations for the the people. Also extra chairs for the elders is always welcomed. http://www.facebook.com/events/884669421580265/
Monday, June 1, 2015 from 11:30am-12:30pm
Join us next Monday, June 1st @ 11:30 am - 1:30pm to Rally Against the Oregon Monsanto Protection Acts HB 3212 and HB2509 at the Capitol building in Salem! Confirmed speakers are: Dr. Ray Seidler, Mary Middleton, and Rep. Peter Buckley We need your help stopping 2 bills that the Oregon Senate is now considering. We've outlined several actions you can take to derail these protections for Monsanto and the agribusiness interests behind GMOs. The bills are HB 3212 and HB 2509. See talking points below. 1) If you haven't already, please contact legislators on the Senate committees that are considering these bills. Include the Bill # in your subject line, and be sure to include your name. 2) Forward this Action Alert to friends who live in these Senators' districts and encourage them to contact their Senator and voice their opposition to these bills. Comments from legislators' constituents carry a lot of weight. 3) Come to Salem on Monday, June 1st. 11:30-12:30 Rally against the Oregon Monsanto Protection Acts HB 3212 and HB2509 at the Capitol building 1:00 in HR B - Testify at the Public Hearing for HB 3212 3:00 in HR C - Attend a possible work session for HB 2509 HB 3212 Call and email: Sen.LeeBeyer@state.or.us (503-986-1706) District 6 - Springfield Sen.RodMonroe@state.or.us (503-986-1724) District 24 - Portland Sen.ChuckRiley@state.or.us ( 503-986-1715) District 15 - Hillsboro Sen.ChuckThomsen@state.or.us (503-986-1726) District 26 - Hood River Sen.FredGirod@state.or.us (503-986-1709) District 9 - Stayton or copy/paste these email addresses, including the Committee Administrator, James LaBar: james.labar@state.or.us, Sen.LeeBeyer@state.or.us, Sen.RodMonroe@state.or.us, Sen.ChuckRiley@state.or.us,Sen.ChuckThomsen@state.or.us, Sen.FredGirod@state.or.us HB 3212 was proposed by Rep. Brian Clem, and is not only targetted at GMOs, but undermines the ability of every county and city to adopt any law, like Jackson County’s ban on GMOs, that protects family farmers from damaging agricultural practices. HB 3212 would define any county, city or state law addressing farming practices as a “land use regulation” and would require local governments to either pay “compensation” for a landowner's claimed reduction in their property value OR waive the law entirely. That’s right - under HB 3212 Jackson County could be allowed to waive the GMO ban if individual GMO growers claimed the ban had reduced the value of their property or face potentially millions of dollars in compensation claims. HB 3212 is a major expansion of Measure 49’s “compensation” rules proposed by Rep. Brian Clem and goes way beyond what Oregonians ever intended. The proposed law would undermine the ability of counties like ours to adopt laws that protect family farmers growing traditional or organic crops from the impacts of industrial agricultural practices, such as GMOs. With the recent development and approval of GMO crops designed for heavy spraying with 2,4-D (the major ingredient in Agent Orange), it is more important than ever that local communities preserve our ability to protect family farmers from practices that put family farmers at risk. But HB 3212 requires county taxpayers to pay “compensation” to any farm landowner that says a local or state law has decreased their property values OR waive the law. This of course is the real goal behind HB 3212. What types of laws could be affected? • Potential limits on pesticide drift from aerial spraying of toxic chemicals to protect sensitive agricultural crops, such as vineyards or organically grown crops, as well as water supplies, schools or neighborhoods • Local laws protecting family farmers from contamination by genetically engineered crops, such as Jackson County’s citizen supported 2014 GMO-ban • Animal welfare laws, such as Oregon’s new rules setting minimum space requirements for chickens • Laws protecting water quality and salmon, such as minimal riparian setbacks • Water conservation restrictions targeting wasteful water practices that leave other farmers without adequate water supplies HB 2509 Call and email: Sen.ChrisEdwards@state.or.us (503-986-1707) District 7 - North Eugene, West Eugene, Santa Clara, and Junction City Sen.AlanOlsen@state.or.us (503-986-1720) District 20 - Canby Sen.MichaelDembrow@state.or.us (503-986-1723) District 23 - Portland Sen.FloydProzanski@state.or.us (503-986-1704) District 4 - South Lane and North Douglas Counties Sen.ChuckThomsen@state.or.us (503-986-1726) District 26 - Hood River or copy/paste these email addresses, including Committee Administrator, Beth Reiley: Beth.Reiley@state.or.us, Sen.MichaelDembrow@state.or.us;Sen.ChrisEdwards@state.or.us; Sen.FloydProzanski@state.or.us;Sen.AlanOlsen@state.or.us; Sen.ChuckThomsen@state.or.us HB 2509 is being openly backed by Monsanto’s main front group, Oregonians for Food and Shelter. What would HB 2509 do? The bill would put Monsanto’s mantra that GMO growers and farmers raising traditional and organic crops can “co-exist” into state law while ignoring the billions in economic damage that GMOs have already caused to other non-GMO farmers, but that’s not the worst of it. There are at least 4 big problems with HB 2509: 1. Forced mediation. HB 2509 would effectively force farmers whose crops were contaminated by GMOs into a vague “mediation process” orchestrated by the Oregon Dept. of Agriculture (ODA) before a farmer could go to court to sue to try to stop GMO contamination. Farmers can already use mediation if it make sense, but they should not be forced into a biased “mediation” process controlled by staunch GMO supporters at the ODA. 2. Liability for farmers contaminated by GMOs. If a farmer refused to mediate, HB 2509 says they could be liable for hundreds of thousands of dollars in a GMO-grower’s attorney's fees in a related court case. AND if Monsanto or their ilk joined the case, the farmer could even be liable for their attorney fees. 3. Pro-GMO mediators. HB 2509’s mediation process would be orchestrated by the State agency that has done more to defend GMOs than any other: the Oregon Dept. of Agriculture (ODA). ODA could then create a costly and time consuming mediation process that would make it harder for farmers to protect themselves against GMO contamination. 4. Funding for OSU propaganda. The bill would also direct propaganda funding to OSU for “educational materials and information regarding the coexistent use of agricultural lands.” The bill would put OSU, which has a long history of promoting GMOs, in the position of using Monsanto’s talking points that GMOs can “co-exist” with organic and other non-GMO crops despite the dramatic contamination events and billions in damage that GMOs continue to cause to non-GMO crops. http://www.facebook.com/events/431073007073321/
Tuesday, May 26, 2015 from 11:30am-2:30pm
Take action in Salem to Protect Our Home from the impacts of two proposed fracked gas export projects in Northern and Southern Oregon. Canadian companies plan to build pipelines and terminals in Warrenton and Coos Bay to ship gas overseas, leaving Oregonians with the consequences. Join us for a rally on the Capitol steps to show Governor Brown why she should stand with Oregonians and say NO to LNG! Visit NoLNGexports.org/action to sign-up for a bus or ride share from your city. Hear from political leaders like Peter Buckley and Bill Bradbury, tribal leader Cathy Sampson Kruse, affected landowners, and community activists about why LNG is a bad idea for Oregon. *** Special address from Robert F. Kennedy Jr., President of Waterkeeper Alliance *** Please wear RED to show your solidarity with the No LNG movement! * On April 29 Clatsop County rejected Oregon LNG's proposal for the Warrenton pipeline and terminal. Although this is a huge win, it's not the end; Oregon LNG is in the process of appealing the decision and shows no sign of giving up. That's why we need to make sure Governor Brown knows that LNG is a bad deal for Oregon! -------------------------------------------------------------- With Federal and state agencies currently reviewing permits for these projects, the time to demonstrate widespread opposition is NOW. In addition to being the largest fossil fuel export projects on the west coast, the terminals and pipelines would impact: - Climate: These projects would become the largest emitter of CO2 in the state. - Public lands & water ways: The pipelines will require a 95’ swath clear cut through public and private land and old growth forests. They will also cross hundreds of rivers and streams and go through major watersheds, impacting dozens of species, including threatened Coho salmon. - Property rights: Hundreds of property owners are threatened with the use of eminent domain for the pipeline right of way. - Safety: Oregon is overdue for a major earthquake, putting communities on the pipeline route and near the export terminals at serious risk. There will be buses and carpools leaving from Jackson county, Douglas county, Coos county, Deschutes county, Eugene, Corvallis, Portland and Astoria. For details or to RSVP please visit http://www.nolngexports.org/action/ http://www.facebook.com/events/388041181397739/
Wednesday, February 11, 2015 from 11am-1pm
Mark your calendar and join HCAO on the Capitol steps in Salem, February 11th from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. We expect 2,500 people carrying signs and banners while they listen to a program of great music and inspiring speakers. Register today for the HCAO Feb 11th Rally at www.HcaoRally.net There will also be the opportunity to join a group to meet with legislators. Don’t wait – start your plans to fill a bus, a van, or caravan of cars and spend the day in Salem telling Oregon Legislators that we want health care for all people. More Information: www.hcao.org Questions? mobilization@hcao.org Everybody in and nobody out! Why? Because we believe health care is a basic human right! http://www.facebook.com/events/822042357814025/
Saturday, November 2, 2013 from noon-3pm
The March Against Corruption is an international campaign to raise awareness about the corrupting influence of money and special interests in governance and public policy making; to provide a forum for people, to organize and speak out against corruption; and to educate the public about the consequences of corruption. The March Against Corruption is not about right versus left, it's about right versus wrong. RSVP AT/SHARE OUR OFFICIAL EVENT PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/events/413904625374273/ CREATE A MARCH PAGE FOR YOUR CITY OR STATE OR JOIN THE PEOPLE ALREADY ORGANIZING MARCHES AROUND THE WORLD! FOR A LIST OF MARCH EVENTS SEE: https://www.facebook.com/notes/march-against-corruption/march-against-corruption-november-2nd-everywhere/336631606467564 OFFICIAL MARCH FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/MarchAgainstCorruption OFFICIAL MARCH TWITTER: https://twitter.com/corruptionmarch OFFICIAL MARCH YOUTUBE: http://www.youtube.com/marchvscorruption FOR A FREE CIVICS LESSON CLICK HERE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y8thXF_G1cw ADD YOUR NAME IN SUPPORT OF THE AMERICAN ANTI-CORRUPTION ACT: http://represent.us/cosponsor/3717 Warning: We will not tolerate nor endorse spam, personal attacks, or attacks against anyone in this group. Thread hijackings, trolling or defamation are also not welcome here. Any comment/post falling in these categories will be subject to immediate deletion and ban without notice. http://www.facebook.com/events/147166865481921/