1875 SW Park Ave


1875 SW Park Ave


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Thursday, May 28, 2015 from 4-7pm
1875 SW Park Ave
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE May 4th, 2015 Contact: Elyse Cogburn (707) 889-7105 en.cogburn@gmail.com Divest Portland State Action Portland, OR – Portland State University could be the first university in Oregon to divest from fossil fuels. The student-led campaign to divest PSU’s $52.3 million endowment from the top 200 fossil fuel companies is focused on escalating student education and involvement before the PSU Foundation’s Board of Trustees vote in June. Divest Portland State(DPS) goals include - Divest from fossilfree.org’s top 200 oil and gas companies - Transparency with PSU’s investment portfolio - Re-invest in Socially Responsible Investments (SRIs) On May 28th, Portland State University will hold its 8th annual Sustainability Celebration. The event will begin with a sustainability award ceremony(30 min) followed by a showcase of student projects (1.5 hr). Projects range from scientific work with pollutants, to reduction of the school’s trash. Last year, Winona Laduke challenged PSU students to take on divestment of fossil fuels. On May 28th, we hope to stop business as usual and send a clear message to the Board of Trustees that we should not invest in fossil fuels. PSU President Wim Wiewel and Institute for Sustainable Solutions (ISS) Director Jennifer Allen will be present at the event, both have shown support for the campaign. Event X Action When: May 28th, 4 pm Where: PSU Park Blocks (between Smith and Library). What to wear: BLACK! Everything black...we want to represent an oil spill! Details: The Sustainability Celebration starts at 4 pm in the Smith Ballroom. We will gather at the PSU Park Blocks, and at around 4:30 the escalation team will gather everyone and walk into ballroom. Hashtags: #divestpsu Divest Portland State Sign our letter of support for students, alumni, and community members. http://www.facebook.com/events/440555269446707/