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Friday, May 8, 2015 at 9pm through Saturday, May 9, 2015 at 2am
9pm through Saturday, May 9 at 2am
9pm-10pm Class 10pm-2am Dance - EXTENDED HOURS!! SomaSpace Dance Studio 4050 NE Broadway SLIDING SCALE* $10-16 ~~Who's Presenting??~~ DJ sets ~ Milo Walker-Hayden Antje Martina Schaefer and Wren LaFeet LIVE act ~ Asher Fulero aka Halo Refuser Asher Fulero is a world-class Pianist/Keyboardist with virtuosic skills and a modern-edged Music Producer that defies categorization. Constantly involved in a wide breadth of musical projects, he continually pushes his own boundaries both technically and stylistically and has captivated fans around the globe with his fresh ideas, deep chops, natural feel and infectious spontaneity. At Nectar, Asher will be appearing as his long-running and increasingly visible EDM/Electronica alter-ego, Halo Refuser (an anagram of his name), an interactive DJ-style live set augmented with keyboards, looping, FX tweaking, and live vocals! All Levels Class w/ Antje Martina Schaefer, Wren LaFeet and Jonathan Janis No partner necessary! ~~What is Nectar Fusion?~~ The Nectar Fusion Project is a six-part monthly event series created as an experimental incubator for fusion partner dance. The project supports creative collaboration among artists, teachers, dancers, and the organizer to push our creative edges, test new concepts, and strengthen community. All who participate are invited to play! The intention of this space is to provide: *a welcoming environment that feels safe and judgement-free *a gateway into the partner dance world *a nexus where people with and without partner dance experience can come together as equals *a dance floor where ALL can expand the creativity of their dancing & find a new layer of depth and authenticity in their connections Each event includes an ALL LEVELS class that covers an array of concepts that support improving dance connection and skills, and you as a whole, and three hours of dancing featuring a cutting-edge LIVE musical act tailoring soundscapes and rhythms to facilitate the most dynamic partner dance experience. ~~What else should you know?~~ *** We invite all participants to co-create a container that supports a fully embodied experience by keeping the space Substance-Free, Device-Free and keeping non-essential conversations Off the dance floor. *** Bring your own Reusable Bottle or Cup for water! *** This is a NO SHOES* venue, please only socks or dance foot slippies in the space!! *unless you have an injury or physical condition that requires special footwear, you can wear non-outside shoes or put socks over shoes that have been outside. *** $6 low-income discount by request Thank you!! The Connexus Dance Collective believes that stronger communities form where life is celebrated in music and dance with one another. We see dance as a language with the power to bridge interpersonal and cultural divisions. Our dance events promote authentic connection, respectful relations, and movement education.