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Monday, August 10, 2015 from 7-8pm
Tonight's show features an award-winning high school poet and poetry organizer, Sophia Mautz; and a session of Let's Play where we read aloud an original play by Clyde Ray List. Patrick Bocarde is co-host. Bios: Clyde Ray List holds a Degree in English Literature (1967) and a Degree in General Art (1968) from the University of Washington. He is a former Mayor if Sherwood (1980-1982). He is an actor currently involved with Mask and Mirror productions and with the Wilsonville Arts & Culture Council and the Sherwood Historical Society. He is also a piano player, banjo picker, and classical music composer. He is an amateur historian who enjoys interviewing local people. Sophia Mautz, a lifelong poet, will be a senior at Lincoln High School this year and has been opening doors for other teenage writers, including founding a poetry club at her school. She won a national gold medal for poetry from the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards her sophomore year. Her latest literary project is launching an organization that will teach free poetry workshops to teenagers experiencing depression.
Monday, July 27, 2015 from 7-8pm
Trevino Brings Plenty 's writings have been widely praised, and I hope you can make it to this release for his latest book. He writes of urban Indian life; its his subject. Bio: Trevino L. Brings Plenty is a poet and musician who lives, works, and writes in Portland, OR. He is singer/songwriter/guitarist for the musical ensemble Ballads of Larry Drake. He has read/performed his work at poetry festivals as far away as Amman, Jordan and close to his home base at Portland’s Wordstock Festival. In college, Trevino worked with Primus St. John and Henry Carlile for this poetry work, studied with Tomas Svoboda for music composition, and Jerry Hahn for Jazz guitar. Trevino is an American and Native American; a Lakota Indian born on the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation, South Dakota, USA. Some of his work explores the American Indian identity in American culture and how it has through genealogical history affected indigenous peoples in the 21st century. He writes of urban Indian life; it’s his subject. Other titles by author: Wakpá Wanáǧi, Ghost River (2015); Real Indian Junk Jewelry (2012); Shedding Skins: Four Sioux Poets (2008).
Monday, May 11, 2015 from 7-9pm
I'm really excited about this show! You get 2 back to back features all at the great price of--free! Bios: show one features spoken word by: Bethy Annsa can't remember a time when she didn't write. Her subjects are personal and political, and deeply rooted in her love of science and art. Bethy shares her life with her wife, children, and two extremely unbalanced cats. Her chapbook , Amateur Cardiology , will be available for perchase at the reading. Leah Rainer is an East coast native who has been calling Portland home for 3 years. Her writing is inspired by the feelings and ideas that come from observation of life’s patterns. She has been reading poetry since 2012 with Stone Soup and Ink Noise Review, and also read for Talking Earth Radio. She is excited to share her work in a community of so many talented writers. Maybe a few others will join them! show two will be Shakespearean performance and poetry inspired by the works of the Bard: Bios: Camille Perry comes from the mountains of the Big Sky State, but, drawn by the allure of food carts, “the dream of the 90s”, and weirdos like herself, has crept nearer the coast and now calls Portland home. Long, long ago she realized that she would always be a starving artist and never considered any other way to be. Doug Spangle has worked in possibly every literary venue since the Precambrian Era;is truly a legend in the Portland poetry scene , having arrived in town in the late 70′s and soon dug his way into the heart of the poetry scene. his work is vivid ,witty, dry-humored ,sometimes tear wrenching in it’s dramatic pull. He has been published in too many places to mention but they include Black Bear Review, Black Dirt, Bull Head, Fireweed and Freudian Shrimp.