Eagles North Portland Lodge 7611 North Exeter Avenue, Portland, OR 97203



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Future Events

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Past Events

Saturday, April 16, 2016 at 6pm through Sunday, April 17, 2016 at midnight
6pm through Sunday, April 17 at midnight
Performers include: Augustana Church Jazz Quartet w/Marilyn Keller, NW Women in Blues Showcase featuring; Sonny Hess, Rae Gordon, Vicki Stevens & True Blue Lady Kat; Roseland Hunters w/LaRhonda Steele; Terry Robb; Steve Cheseborough; Tevis Hodge Jr.; Bloco Alegria Brazilian Percussion & Dance Troupe; Norman Sylvester Band featuring Shoehorn, Lenanne Sylvester, Sarah Billings & the Mad as Hell Doctors. Silent Auction, Dinners for Sale, 2 Bars, Dessert & Coffee Bar, Community Village of Information Tables The campaign for Universal Healthcare for every citizen is growing around the United States. Our local organization : HEALTH CARE FOR ALL ~ OREGON has brought the movement to the stage for an outreach & fundraising mega concert. KBOO will be broadcasting LIVE from this venue. http://hcao.org/innercitybluesfestival/
Saturday, April 11, 2015 at 6pm through Sunday, April 12, 2015 at midnight
6pm through Sunday, April 12 at midnight
Andy Stokes Bill Rhoades Bloco Allegria Dave Kahl Jay "Bird" Koder King Louie Pain and Friends LaRhonda Steele Mad as Hell Doctors Norman Sylvester Band and many many more! Sponsored by Health Care for All Oregon Mission – To create a comprehensive, equitable, affordable, publicly funded, high quality, universal health care system serving everyone in Oregon and the United States. Vision – Achieving a health care system … that ensures comprehensive, high-quality health care to all; that provides care based on patients’ needs rather than profits, focusing on prevention, effective treatment, and improved medical outcomes; that is publicly financed, directing resources to medical care and minimizing administrative expenses and waste.