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Sunday, July 14, 2013 from 11:30am-12:30pm
The Louisa
So many of you have heard me talk about Qoya, and now it is time to experience Qoya! In May of 2011, I visited a girlfriend in New York. During a long catch up conversation, she told me about a movement class she was taking called Qoya, and about Rochelle, the amazing woman who created it. Not long after that trip to NYC, I broke up with a man I had been in a long distance relationship with for 4 years. I racked up quite a few air miles during that time, and that October, I found myself traveling to India for a Qoya retreat with 14 woman I didn't know, to do Qoya and meet Rochelle for the very first time. The trip, Qoya, and those women all changed my life and expanded my world. In Spring of 2012, I participated in the Costa Rica Qoya teacher training. I had planned to teach it in Portland after returning from the trip, but the timing wasn’t right. When the city opened up The Fields Park this Spring, and I stepped foot on the green expansive grassy circle, I said to myself: “Now is the time to teach, and this is the space! I must gather a group of women to dance here!” What is Qoya? Qoya combines the creativity of dance, with the wisdom of yoga, and sensual movement for women. To quote Rochelle: "Though movement we remember. We remember our essence is wise, wild and free. We remember our connection to the sacred. We remember our deepest truths. And as we remember, we notice the physical sensation in our body and set that as north on our compass." Come experience it for yourself. There are no "levels", and all women are welcome. (Sorry to the dudes, but this is only for women.) One last thing! Each Qoya class is themed, and this class’s theme will be "Free the Girls" in support of the organization by that name. Free The Girls is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides job opportunities for survivors of sex trafficking. They collect gently used bras and donate them to the women as starting inventory for their own business selling the bras. Details: - $15 cash for the class - Bring a yoga mat and wear yoga type clothing. - If you have any gently worn bras, please bring them for “Free the Girls”. Collected Spaces will be sponsoring the shipping of the bras. - Please show up 15 min ahead of 10am to allow for parking (should be pretty easy), and to get settled. - Any questions? Text, call or email me: 503.502.7755,