Garden Fever Nursery, 3433 NE 24th


3433 NE 24th Ave


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Sunday, October 6, 2013 from noon-4pm
This is a fun, easy event to help our imperiled bees. After 50,000 Oregon bumblebees and 37 million Canadian honeybees were poisoned by Neonicotinoid pesticides in June, Garden Fever Nursery pulled all the bee-toxic Neonicotinoids from their shelves. Sadly, many local nurseries still sell gallons of Neonicotinoids daily. Neonicotinoids are especially toxic to bees because they are systemic: they are taken up into the plant's vascular system and are expressed in the pollen and nectar, making the whole plant poisonous to bees. Neonics are neurotoxins for bees, disorienting them and impacting their memory. Bees end up feeding toxic pollen to their larvae, as well as ingesting it themselves. Studies have found that Neonics can remain in plants for long periods- sometimes as long as ten years or more. And 42% of PDX honeybees died last year! Now is the time to protect our pollinators, who provide us with much of our food. Please join us on Oct. 6, between 12-4, as we swarm into Garden Fever Nursery, (3433 NE 24th, Portland, OR) in a reverse boycott (Carrotmob) to support them for their bee-friendly practices. Buy a plant to feed the bees, and send a strong message to other nurseries: gardeners do not want Neonics! Tim Wessels, President of Portland Urban Beekeepers will be on hand to answer your honeybee questions; Mulysa Melco and Catherine Garvin will offer organic gardening solutions. Wear your bee-colors, enjoy some cider, buy a plant to feed the bees, and help protect our food security and protect our imperiled pollinators! Sponsored by:Bee Friendly Portland.