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1732 N. Blandena St.


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Sunday, September 22, 2013 from 1-6pm
Please join us this Sunday September 22nd for a hands on workshop at Attunement Center. Come get grounded in the soil for the Fall Equinox and learn about incorporating medicinals into the food forest! Stack another function in your food forest; an introduction to growing and processing select medicinal plants. Jeremy O'Leary will take us through a 2 hour slideshow presentation exploring how to use the plants to treat wounds, rashes, lung/sinus issues and stress relief. He will also go over the many different ecological functions they serve, like soil health and pollinator support. The main focus will be on native plants. (This talk was a huge hit at this years NW Permaculture Convergence and Jeremy is excited to bring it to Portland!) After the slideshow we will make our way outside to plant up the keyhole mandala food forest space whose beds were prepared in hugelkultur fashion during the Village Building Convergence last spring. We will be working on all layers of the food forest preparing and planting; Tree (Hazelnut...), Shrub (Elderberry, Oregon Grape...) Herbaceous, Vine, Ground Cover, Root..... This is the perfect time of year for perennial plantings as it allows the plants to set up a solid root structure before they blast out of dormancy again in the spring!! Please come prepared to get a little dirty (and maybe wet too as the forecast is light showers). If you have any tools you like to garden with (hand or shovel) feel free to bring those too! The Flow: 1pm Arrival & Settling In 1:30pm Slideshow and Presentation w/ Jeremy 3:30pm Snack Break 4pm Food Forest Planting Energy Exchange: $5-10 sliding scale No one will be turned away for lack of funds, please come, learn and play with us and don't let this be a factor, it's really just to help cover snacks and a few plants ;-) Location: The Guesthaus @ Attunement Center 1732 N. Blandena St. Check out this fantastic short video explaining hugelkultur beds! About Jeremy: Jeremy has had 9+ years experience with permaculture, a former field botanist, he completed the Elderberry School of Botanical Medicine in 2011. He has had the opportunity to train with instructors like Toby Hemenway, Darren Dougherty, Geoff Lawton, Tom Ward and Dave Jackie. And worked on several local policy efforts (Peak Oil Task Force, Climate Action Plan, Multnomah Food Initiative, PDX Plan). A note from Jeremy; medicinal plants can and do have different reactions for different folks, so don’t get adventurous with a plant you haven’t worked with before. Note: if you are under the care of a physician, listen to them. Site Description: Attunement Center is an urban permaculture homestead and guesthaus that hosts sustainably minded travelers with the intention of inspiring guests to take home new ideas and living practices from their experience here. The landscape is all edible and medicinal, complete with a flock of nine chickens and colony of honey bees. We are bringing the community together over topics of regenerative living providing a central neighborhood learning site by creating a space to get hands on experience gardening with perennials, medicinals, mycelium, chickens, bees, worms, composting, sheet mulching, natural building, water management, permaculture and food preservation. This project is growing and in the coming years will provide an off-grid outdoor kitchen in addition to the community mixed use space, to come together for potlucks and food preservation.