Portland Saturday Market


108 W Burnside St


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Saturday, September 21, 2013 from 4-7pm
RAIN OR SHINE! DOWNLOAD SONG HERE IN THE INSTRUCTIONS!!!! *Note: If you are not in Portland you can still do the flash mob wherever you are! We are sending this music track all around the world. Just email Orion@unify.org for the steps for creating an event! Join in the joy and celebration of peace with a Global synchronized Yoga-Dance-Meditation FlashMob! Thank you for participating in the Unify Peace global FlashMob. We are very excited to offer this co-creative experience. Simply follow these steps for having a great time! What to wear: •Bright bold colors & white clothing free of brand names or large logos if possible. •Loose fitting clothes and able to move freely: you will be asked to sit and lay the ground, wear clothes that could get a little dirty. Be creative, dress silly if you want! •Head phones with MP3 player/cell: you will be asked to move all parts of your body so your hands need to be free DOWNLOAD the MP3 track, *refrain from listening until Saturday! Keep it a surprise!*: https://soundcloud.com/entheo/unify-peace-mp3-flashmob Extra bonus for people who want to sing with the music track, download this extra song: https://soundcloud.com/entheo/the-one-song-who-writes-the What to do: •Show up at 3:30 or so to Saturday Market waterfront in Portland. •Locate the flag but stay a good distance away (as not to draw attention). •Act normal and casual as you hang out in area. •Set an alarm for one or two minutes before the synch-up time. •Put in your headphones, adjust volume, stretch •Prepare yourself to drop into your intention for global peace. When it is time to start your song, push play and put your phone/MP3 player safely away. ENJOY!! Check out www.Unify.org for more info on events happening around the world. Musician website www.entheomusic.com http://www.facebook.com/events/226199807536919/