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Sunday, November 16, 2014 at 5:30pm through Tuesday, November 18, 2014 at 5pm
5:30pm through Tuesday, November 18 at 5pm
THE GLOBAL SUMMIT™ IV will gather 200 Extraordinary Cross-Sector Leaders as the catalyst for a worldwide partnership of citizens, businesses and organizations working to achieve a sustainable future. Application Deadline: Sunday Nov 16 @ Noon! Apply Now: Application: THE GLOBAL SUMMIT™ IV - Women, Power, Money, & Politics Nov 16-18, 2014 - Women’s Building, San Francisco, CA Nov 16 5:30pm-8:30pm Nov 17 9am-5pm Nov 18 9am-5pm ************************************* What is The Global Summit? ************************************* THE GLOBAL SUMMIT™ is a biennial social, economic & environmental forum advancing a world that works for 100% of humanity. Every other year, The Global Summit unites leading innovators from across the world and across diverse sectors working in business, media, arts, education, social investment & impact arenas to advance whole system solutions to humanity’s most pressing challenges. While gathering inspiration and partners for 2016 in Rio, The Global Summit IV – 2014 Biennial Meeting returns to the Bay Area and will bring together delegates from pivotal movements, organizations and techies to explore how Empowered Women are transforming Money, Power & Politics, and how we can unleash the potential of humanity. Preceded by a culturally rich evening reception on November 16, The Global Summit IV main program will be held Monday & Tuesday November 17 & 18 at the SF Women’s Building. Each day begins with thought leaders unleashing new world-views; followed by transformative workshops, multi-sector dialogues and opportunities for critical mass collaboration. By the end, participants gain the tools, partners and inspiration they & their communities need to thrive. Through the lens of WOMEN, POWER, MONEY & POLITICS, in two days of bridge-building, interactive, solution sessions, we’ll unite genius, energy and action to move your work and our movement forward around four fertile INTERSECTIONS: • FEMINOMICS: Currency, High Impact Investment, & Leadership • LIVING WELL: Evolving Food, Health & Lifestyles • BUILDING PEACE: Water, Conflict, Climate & People of Place • BEYOND POLITICS: Governance 2.0 for the 21st Century Using 7 Stages to Sustainability (7SS) as a framework for action, cross-sector delegates unite, exchange breakthrough technologies, and mutually advance – tangible, immediate – and – longer-term, critical mass – solutions. More info: ************************************* Who's Coming? ************************************* The Global Summit delegates are Partners in Empowerment playing for whole system transformation across all sectors, and co-create solutions hands-on. The Global Summit engages 6 mutually supportive economic sectors: * Social Entrepreneurs, * Public Benefit Organizations, * Educational Institutions, * Sustainable Businesses, * Responsible Media Groups * Artists in Action. Some of our Featured Voices!: • Konda Mason: Co-Director | CEO | Impact Hub Oakland • Tanya Monsef Bunger: Vice-Chair, Global Women’s Leadership Network • Ashara S. Ashara Ekundayo: Cultural Strategist. Founder. Catalyst. Convener. • Anna McGrath: Founder and President of WonderWorks Consulting • Louis D. LoPraeste: Strategic | Disruptive | Emergent • John Schinnerer: Cultural and Ecological whole systems designer • Eric Gauthier: CEO of Sac’Be Creation • Rebecca Boyles: Stakeholder Engagement Professional • Michael Ellsberg: Authority Zero • Joan Blades: Co-Founder,, Mom's Rising, Bridge-Builder • Rani Croager: Start-up Coach, Hackathon Catalyst, Co-founder of Uptima Business Bootcamp • Warren Brush: Storyteller, Applied Ecologist, and Cultural Engineer • Pandora Thomas: Environmental Educator, Speaker and Writer • Michael Gaio: Founder/CEO, Evolutionary Experience Designer at Mythic Systems • Sarah Drew: Author of GAIA CODEX • Indy Rishi Singh: Creative Director - Transmedia/Education • Dr. Alex Theory: Executive Producer - Governor at the Grammys® • Monique Svazlian: CEO, Highest Path Consulting • Doug Kirkpatrick: Principal, Redshift3 | Organizational Change | TEDx | • Jeanette Acosta: Indigenous Wisdom • Dr. Pushpa Iyer: Founding Director of the Center for Conflict Studies at the Monterey Institute of International Studies • Joyasree Mahanti: Innovator, Nano Finance • Huan Ho: Co-founder at Rallyteam • Jennifer Crooks: Grand Prix Horse Jumper & Mother of 10 • Tbird Tall Flame Luv: Co-MC & Artist In Action • Bill Shireman: CEO of Future500 - master of environmental entrepreneurism • Bonita Banducci: Silicon Valley Woman of Influence 2014 • Maria Sirriya: Yoga Teacher and Executive Coach • Jonathan Talat Phillips: Writer, media activist, and explorer of consciousness • Samantha Sweetwater: Embodied Facilitator, Writer, Coach, Ceremonialist • Melanie Bielefeld: Principal at Connecting for Global Good • Yacine Badian Kouyate, PhD • Dr. Aumatma Binal Shah: Naturopathic Doctor & Fertility Guru More info: *Half the invitees we know well, and half are yet to be discovered! Apply Now: ************************************* “Through collaboration, powerful changes can happen!” The Global Summit: