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16323 SE McLoughlin Blvd


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Sunday, September 1, 2013 from 1:30-4:30pm
** Meet at 1:30 at Les Schwab, and wear RED** Hi Everyone. You've read the bad press about the Portland Aquarium. They are unethical, with low moral standards. They sound like criminals. They don't care about animals, they don't respect the law. Let's stop them! Here's what we know about Vince and Ammon Covino so far. - In a 3-month period this spring, 200 aquatic species died at their Portland Aquarium (The Oregonian, Aug. 19, 2013) - Ammon was indicted in Florida under federal law in November 2012, for illegally obtaining aquatic species for their aquariums in Oregon and Idaho. - While out on bond for the above charge, Ammon attempted to illegally purchase 4 nurse sharks from Florida, in violation of state and federal law. - The former vet at their Portland Aquarium has spoken out against the brother's treatment of their aquatic species. - Neither of the brother's two aquariums in Boise, Idaho and Portland, Oregon are accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums - The Covino Brothers have started construction on their aquarium in Austin despite having no building permits from the city's Planning and Development Review Department. (No construction of any kind is allowed without building permits from the city.) There is no evidence that the Covino Brothers will responsibly care for all or any of the aquatic animals at the Portland Aquarium. There is no evidence that the Covino Brothers will follow any of the state and federal laws required to obtain or care for any of their animals. Let's stop them before they kill more animals. And, let's send a strong message that Portland will not tolerate this type of lawlessness and criminal activity. Please join us and wear RED! http://www.facebook.com/events/1410683839153479/