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Friday, February 28, 2014 from 6:30-9:30pm
Gaia Couture
The owner of Gaia Couture has written a book she hopes will help everyone during their most difficult moments, and it's time to get your copy and come celebrate with us! Introducing: FILLING THE CUP: SIMPLE RITUALS TO HEAL THE HEART There’s always something you can do… Author and ritualist, Joy Martinello takes 20 challenging emotional states like anger, jealousy and grief, and offers you 20 simple practices you can do that can help you stop the pain NOW. Just walk into your kitchen and pull out a few basic items and you’re ready, with the help of the rituals in this book, to call upon your inner healing resources and move out of your pain into a much better feeling. The amazing thing about these simple rituals is: they work. You can change any painful feeling you’re having at any time. Every ritual chapter includes penetrating and sometimes surprising insights into what’s behind the kind of pain you’re struggling with. Exploring this book and its practices can bring you to a whole new understanding of why things happen the way they happen and why we find ourselves suffering. Join us at Gaia Couture for a happy evening of connection, conviviality, treats and beverages, plus a brief ritual all can participate in @ 8pm. After two years of work and the creative publishing help of artist, Julia Olivia Wharton, Joy's book vision is on the page and ready to enliven and transform. And yes, try on some fabulous eco-fashion while you're here! Giant Love to All!
Thursday, September 5, 2013 from 8-10pm
Gaia Couture
Our FREE monthly music event continues! September's featured musician is Messenger. This is the solo project of Lauren Hay, also known as Lola Buttons. She weaves her moody lyrical songs with beautiful melodies, powerful piano progressions, and raw soulful expressions of love and life! Her voice is like honey, her words are wild like animals, and her fingers are like nimble dancers on the keys. Lola is traveling to Portland just to perform at our shop, and we are thrilled to host! This will be a rare and special set of amazing tunes you will love! We hope you will join us! If you haven't made it in to see Gaia Couture, this is a wonderful opportunity to come in for a visit and feel all the vibrant creative energy we are bringing to the world. Also a wonderful time to check out our new Fall styles and pick up something special for the changing of the seasons. Lots of stunning new arrivals to treasure! This is a free event, however donations for Lola's travels and performance will be gladly accepted. We will be serving complimentary refreshments and nibbles. See you on First Thursday to celebrate September! Love Gaia