Mt. Scott Community Center, Portland Parks & Recreation


5530 SE 72nd Ave


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Sunday, August 24, 2014 from noon-8pm
Fight Church proudly presents our seventh annual HotNights/WarmCoats BBQ potluck and school coat drive. All gently used coats will be donated to the Portland Public School's PTA clothing closet and made available to children in the free lunch program. an all inclusive exclusive engagement The artists which are the backbone of our events are more than just singers, rappers, comedians and DJs. These are intelligent, innovative, educated leaders. They're good people, good parents, good friends and the best of company. They have families, friends, children, and perhaps dogs which don't get recognized as part of the whole package that completes the artist as a genuine person. We have designed this event to showcase the other qualities that we hold dear as a community: Family, Fellowship, Honor, Charity, and Smoked Meats... In a nice outdoor setting and a conversational tone. YES. I bowed to pressure and got the permit. it's okay though, this isn't a protest. So please, join us. Get those "gently used" winter coats, grab your BBQ, bring your beer/wine, your kids, and your dog and come join the most exclusively inclusive community in the city. ***all coats raised will be distributed to the Portland Public School's PTA clothing closet and distributed to kids in the free and reduced lunch program. Our goal is to provide these kids with the basic staples of a quality self esteem - including a nice coat, with the belief that the exterior appearance is often the first obstacle preventing kids from attending school on a regular basis.
Thursday, September 12, 2013 from 6-8pm
Sharing Ideas events illuminate positive, grassroots efforts of neighbors, volunteer groups and organizations throughout Portland. Presenters will share the inspiration for their project, how they turned their idea into action and how the project engages community. This Sharing Ideas presentation features Envirovillage, a project that develops art and outdoor experiences, educational programs, volunteer opportunities, and community projects to connect people to each other and the environment. Come celebrate and discover the many ways in which individuals and groups are making a positive difference in our community. Make connections; explore possibilities for creating similar projects in your neighborhood. The event is free and open to all!
Sunday, August 25, 2013 from noon-3pm
it's time for our annual community BBQ/ school coat drive. Over the last 5 years we have worked together to provide thousands of coats for children in Portland suffering from the effects of poverty. All of our donations go to the Portland Public School's PTA Clothing Closet and are then made available to kids in the free and reduced lunch program. It is our belief that the outward appearance plays a major role in an adolescent's healthy self image, and that self esteem issues are one of the leading obstacles to a quality education, and the lack of a quality education is the main reason for such a f#cked up world. Something as simple as a nice school coat can keep a kid in school... So what do we do about it? call your friends, your family, your neighbors, your friends' family, your familys' neighbors, your neighbors friends, your friends' neighbors, and your family's friends- ask them if they have any 'gently used' school coats they can spare...and remember, kids come in all sizes. I will be BBQing, drinking beer, and enjoying my many friendships in the community. So stop by, bring some coats, eat some food and make some new friends. BYOB.