Black Rock City, Nevada


Black Rock City


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Thursday, August 29, 2013 at 11pm through Monday, September 2, 2013 at 6am
11pm through Monday, September 2 at 6am
I'm becoming a daddy in a couple months with twins on the way. That means my wife and my hands are going to be pretty full next year. She has sweetly encouraged me to blow the roof off Burning Man this, my 18th year in a row, so I've got six gigs locked and loaded for my short return to the playa. I'm not saying I won't make an appearance on playa in 2014, but looking at priorities, the chances are pretty slim and DJing in general is going to be put on the shelf, except for rare special occasions. So come dance your asses off and give me a proper send off for this new chapter of my life. Times listed below are for what part of the day they started at. So if I list Thursday night at 2am, it's really very early Friday morning. Without further a do, the GlobalRuckus Burning Man 2013 schedule. 8/29 - Thursday night - Tsunami Bass Experience - 2-3am (as part of their Global Bass night w/Joro Boro, Mattabbana, Matt Haze, DJ BEATrix, ShiZaru & Morhpous) - This is not listed in the RSL Guide) 8/30 - Friday - afternoon - HookahDome (inside, chill set) - 3-4pm 8/30 - Friday - night - HookahDome - 5-6am - w/Bridgetown Revue dancers 9/1 - Saturday - afternoon - Black Rock Boutique (closing party) - 12-4pm 9/1 - Saturday - night - HookahDome - 4-5am w/Bridgetown Revue dancers (between Filastine and Desert Dwellers sets) Sunday morning 9/2 - Sunday morning - BassHenge - 8-9am 9/2 - Sunday night - Dustfish - 11-4am - 10th Anniversary of the first time I took over the Dustfish sound system and all sorts of mayhem broke loose - Aside from bringing my own vast arsenal of global party dance insanity, will likely have some of my esteemed peers (The Klown, Joro Boro, more) join me on the decks). After the temple burns, come get some serious celebratory dance on. Thank you Burning Man, for inspiring me to become GlobalRuckus in the first place. Related: Hookahdome Official Fan Page, TsunamiBass Experienced, DUSTFISH, Basshenge, Black Rock Boutique, Joro Boro, Besnik Hyseni, Grey Filastine