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Thursday, August 15, 2013 from 5-9pm
*Who & What* Well, what is the Collabyrinth? It is a monthly showcase of local talent, collaboratively. Musicians and artists will all be on stage together during the show bringing their own instruments, some may play collaboratively as back up or just wait for their turn. The showcase is formatted in a series of rounds, so bring enough material in case your turn comes up again. We aim to get 4 musicians, 2 performance artists (theater, poetry, slideshow, audience activity leader, etc.) & 1 live painter (audience bids on a silent auction for the painting throughout the show), making it 7 artists for the night. This number may change as we learn more. * Each month features a new set of people, but some musicians and artists may rotate in and out throughout the year. *When & Where* Collabyrinth 1: August 15th, 5-9 pm @ Fernhill Creative Learning Community: 6420 NE 42nd Ave Portland, OR 97218. *Please map this out before you come, as we are located on a dead end street. We will do our best to put signage out on the street. Anyone want to make a cool sign for the event, let us know. *Why* Why not? When was the last time you were paid to have fun? Why not support your local artists and musicians and have a great time for $5-10 sliding scale donation. Why not be a part of a win, win, win situation. *Details* 5-6pm: -Musicians and artists potluck & orientation/Green Room warm up. -Doors open, guests purchase tickets at welcome booth, and please donate more than $5. 6-9pm: Enjoy the Collabyrinth, food and beverage may be purchased by donation from Fernhill's food booth and the Gypsy Bar. 7- 7:30 pm intermission, get yourself some tasty treats if you haven't already, mingle, schmooze. *Money* *Do the performers get paid? Yes! 75% of the door money goes directly to the performers, artists and staff. 25% goes to Fernhill to help keep our Community running. The whole point of this event is to support EVERYONE involved. *$5-10 sliding scale love donation, cash only please. And if you feel called to donate more, all of the artists will thank you generously I am sure of it. Bringing cash ensures that we can pay the musicians, artists and staff for the evening. Please bring extra to bid on art during the silent auction, there may also be a raffle for great prizes. *Food* A potluck will be held for the performers and staff before the show starts in the Soul Thread Studio from 5-6pm, so please bring your instrument or paint brushes AND a food contribution. This would be considered the green room and you are welcome to get yourselves prepared for the show in this space. The audience will be able to buy food and beverage by donation from Fernhill's food booth and the Gypsy Bar. Please cash only. *Musicians* Please email fernhillcreations@gmail.com with Collabyrinth Musician if you would like to be one of the musicians on stage that night. We ask that you include a link to your music page/site or other recording or your work. A limited number of microphones and amps will be available. Each musician will have a 2-song set, and draw names from a hat to determine the order in which they play. *Performance Artists* Please email fernhillcreations@gmail.com with Collabyrinth Performance Artist and a link to your site or some form of communicating what it is that you do so well. Let us know if you need a projector ahead of time and we will make arrangements to have one at the show. *Live Painter* Please email fernhillcreations@gmail.com with Collabyrinth Artist. The live painter will bring a primed canvas or other surface to paint on as well as their own brushes and paint. There will be an easel set up with lights. The artist will complete their piece by the end of the show, 9pm. The painting is for sell as a silent auction the entire show, the audience is encouraged to bid on the work by letting the MC know how much they want to pay for the work. People compete bids until the show is over, and the winner of the auction gets the completed piece of art *Volunteers* 2-4 volunteer positions available in exchange for free food and free entry. Minimum 1 hour of work required. Inquire for details. http://www.facebook.com/events/442220279225796/