7508 N Hereford (old Library bldg.)


7508 N Hereford


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Thursday, May 22, 2014 from 6:30-8:30pm
Join community members and city planners on a community walk to share ideas for how zoning regulations can be crafted to achieve desired development outcomes The walks are part of the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability’s Mixed Use Zoning Project. This project will revise zoning code regulations for commercial and mixed use zones to implement the “centers and corridors” concepts from the Portland Plan and Comprehensive Plan Update. Mixed'use centers and corridors are intended to be enhanced as vibrant commercial districts and as places that play an important role in accommodating future housing and employment growth. Zoning regulations will need to support these functions, as well as promote a pedestrian'friendly environment; create desirable places to live, work and visit; and address the relationship to adjacent residential areas. The walks will be an opportunity for City staff to consider zoning issues through a local lens. We want to know: What’s working well or not so well regarding new development? How can zoning code regulations help support a thriving business environment? What building features, scale, or site designs will enhance the character of the area? What design features will create a quality environment for future residents? What are appropriate ways of creating transitions in development scale and activity between mixed use development and adjacent residential areas? Come prepared to share your thoughts, ideas and concerns.