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Sunday, August 16, 2015 from 1-4pm
In light of all of the demonstrations at Cathedral Park recently we would like to offer up prayer for the Land and Water there. We would like to invite peace and calm so that the Land and Water may begin to heal. We would like to pray for some closure for the People who were involved with the demonstrations as well. All are welcome. Please wear your regalia, bring your hand drum, flute, rattle, voice, and an open heart with you. -Please be respectful. No smoking or intoxicants.
Tuesday, July 28, 2015 at noon through Thursday, July 30, 2015 at 8am
noon through Thursday, July 30 at 8am
Join us at Cathedral Park in Portland on Tuesday to oppose Shell Oil’s destructive Arctic drilling operations, Part Two!! We have just learned that Shell’s newly-repaired icebreaker is leaving Wednesday morning; We will launch a kayak "floatilla" vigil to stop the ship leaving the port. An on-water and on-land vigil will help share the message that we hold our water, land, air, and stories to be more sacred than profits from destructive energy extraction. Where: Cathedral Park, North Portland. Boat ramp is at the end of N Baltimore Ave, on the North side of the park. When: Tuesday July 28th, Starting at noon, lasting until the ship leaves (and hopefully keeping it there!) What to bring: A kayak, headlamp, towels, picnic supplies, lifejacket, sunscreen, warm clothes, a water bottle, a mat to sit in the park, a dry change of clothes, etc! We will provide as much as possible for your needs, but due to the short notice we ask you to anticipate and come prepared. What's the risk? There will be areas for all levels of risk and comfort on the water. Please come join us for as much of this event as you can! Connect with us to get real time information about the Fennica’s movement and the action: Join the rapid response network. Text @sHellNOPDX to 23559 to join the rapid response network and receive text updates on actions Follow our Twitter feed at #PDXvsShell, #Floodthesystem and #ShellNo. Follow the Climate Action Coalition facebook page and for updates. If you are travelling to Portland and need housing, contact: Katy McFadden: 503-244-1351 This action is being organized by individuals from many groups in Portland, Seattle, and the region! Background: The Fennica, Shell Oil’s icebreaking ship used for Arctic drilling, is being repaired in Portland. It is scheduled to return to the Arctic Wednesday morning, where it will act as the ice-breaking ship for Shell oil drilling rigs and its support fleet, allowing Shell to commence delayed drilling operations off the Alaska coast. Carbon emissions from the burning of fossil fuels are warming the Arctic faster than the rest of the globe, and the Arctic Ocean is rapidly becoming ice-free. The International Energy Agency warns that over two-thirds of all proven fossil fuel reserves must remain in the ground by 2050 to avert catastrophic climate disruption. InJanuary, the journal Nature reported that to maintain even a 50% chance of avoiding catastrophic global warming (beyond 2°C), there can be no drilling for Arctic oil. Nevertheless, Shell Oil is now exploring for even more oil in the Arctic with the permission of President Obama. In a newly released study NASA’s former top climate scientist, Dr. James Hansen, says that with a 2°C temperature increase sea levels could rise at least 10 feet as soon as the middle years of this century, inundating coastal cities and even reaching inland cities such as Portland. With 10 feet of sea level rise, the dry dock where the Fennica is scheduled to be repaired would ironically be underwater. This drilling also poses huge risks for local marine ecosystems The Arctic is a vital breeding and feeding ground for marine life, and home to numerous indigenous peoples who rely on a healthy marine environment for their survival. Offshore Arctic oil operations pose a 75 percent chance of a spill in the Arctic, the Department of the Interior calculates. The best expert opinion is that a spill would be virtually impossible to clean up. Hope to see you in the Park soon!
Saturday, July 25, 2015 from 3-5pm
On Sunday our rally to action was opened by an Indigenous brother who performed a prayer and drum chant to welcome his ancestors. We were privileged to have his ancestors to be called and join us, and we are thankful for his offering. Afterwards, we had a moment of silence to honor them and received medicine from their presence then we began to open the rally with check ins. After check ins we started collaborating and brainstorming how to build capacity to take action while everyone had a welcoming packet with ideas to discuss and discover how to implement. Groups were formed to build infrastructure and capacity to take action. Everyone was encouraged to meet each other and circle in groups to start visioning how to build our movement against Shell. Everyone had good ideas to share and wanted to them bring to the table. In the ending of the rally/meeting we agreed to meet again with report backs and in closing we formed a circled for a moment of silence to pray with the presence of indigenous people and their ancestors. Please join us next time. Everyone is welcome to come. Shell no and no Arctic Drilling for generations to come. ✊ Email us P.S. Website and promo team welcomes support and many other teams do as well. We are Portland Vs. Shell by Idle No More Washington. We are a community organization against Shells Arctic drilling project. Here is why: According to the U.S. Government; there is a 75% chance of major oil spill and according to the Coast Guard Command there is no way to clean an oil spill in the Arctic. Moreover, Shell will be in the Chukchi Sea and their drilling location will be at least one thousand miles away from any Coast Guard Outpost for help. Shell has made promises they will do a good job, but they are not good at keeping their word. They were involved with perpetuating the Vietnam War, created misery in the Niger Delta for over fifty years and murdered five-hundred people from different tribes in Peru. These are few examples of their failed promises and shows our future if we do not not stop them. Climate change is already affecting poor and people of color, but loosing the Arctic will be bad for everyone. There are tribes who live in the Arctic; they will be immediately affected by this including people who live on small islands and the Pacific Northwest, because when the ice melts sea levels will rise and the planet will warm more rapidly. Essentially, the whole world will be devastated. We must come together to stand behind every person they have hurt and say "no Arctic drilling" for generations to come. We will have a call to action this Sunday the 19th, because one of Shells assisting ice breakers vessels called the "Fennica" will coming to the Vigor Shipyard, Swan Island, Portland Oregon this Monday. The Fennica experienced significant damage to its hull and will be in Portland for permanent repairs. Lets rally this Sunday Noon at Portland City Hall against Shells evil plan. Please bring everyone. Solidarity!
Saturday, June 27, 2015 from 11am-2pm
Registration is now open at! Join your fellow veg-head adventurers in taking on vegan Portland. In this race, teams of 2-4 people will work to get a few lines or a blackout on a BINGO card - going to destinations, and completing challenges, based on what the BINGO squares say. Besides having a great time, you are sure to discover some great new spots in Portland. This year's race will be in the St. Johns area of Portland. Mark your calendars! Winning teams get prizes! Costumes encouraged but not required. $10 per person in advance, $15 the day of. What people have said about their VegQuest experience... * Great clues, great vegan places to visit, fun teammate, delicious pizza at the end :) * It was great, I didn't know what to expect, but it exceeded my hopes. * I enjoyed meeting new people in the Portland vegan community and helping my teammates discover local veggie establishments. * Well organized. Grateful for the food at the end since there wasn't a minute to stop and eat lunch. * Though I was not working and don't know how many folks came by, any exposure for non vegans and for my business is a win. * It was so much fun - great way to spend a day! * It was a learning experience for us, as we recently moved to PDX and didn't have bikes yet nor up-to-date phone technology. Nonetheless, we persevered and won a cookbook! * I had a great time!! See you there!
Saturday, August 3, 2013 at 5pm through Sunday, August 25, 2013 at 7pm
5pm through Sunday, August 25 at 7pm
Trek in the Park's Five-Year-Mission CONCLUDES! Over the last 4 summers, Atomic Arts has energized Portland to strange new worlds where no audience has gone before and it has all led to this- THE TROUBLE WITH TRIBBLES! As Kirk and his crew attempt to settle a political dispute on a far off space station, they quickly realize their problems don't stop there as they have to deal with Federation brass, tempestuous Klingons, and tiny, furry creatures who are adorable, hungry and… multiplying. Portland actors accompanied with live music and effects bring this classic piece of pop culture to life at historic and picturesque Cathedral Park under the St. Johns Bridge! FREE TO THE PUBLIC. ALL AGES WELCOME. Shows are at 5:00pm Saturdays and Sundays August 3-25 (4 weekends, 8 shows total!) The amphitheater is located under the St. Johns bridge at the corner of N Pittsburgh in N Portland. The Saturday 8/24 show will feature a special post-show live musical performance by THE DOUBLECLICKS!! Spend a day in the park, bring a picnic and BOLDLY GO! Trek in the Park is produced by the cast and crew of Atomic Arts, as well as local business supporters: New Relic Portland Parks and Recreation Roseway Theater Bridge City Comics Mantasma Gorico Art Latitudes Screenprinting Jupiter Hotel Shadowline, a division of Image Comics Blue Moon Camera The Portland Mercury Excalibur Books and Comics Things From Another World Ground Kontrol Good Neighbor Pizzeria In and Out Tax Service Anovos Costumes Northwest Self Storage