Food for Thought Cafe


1825 SW Broadway


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Tuesday, April 22, 2014 from midnight-12:30pm
Portland State University students need Food for Thought Cafe! On the first day of the spring term, students wandering down to their favorite spot to eat and hang out on campus saw a sign stating that Food for Thought would be closed indefinitely. The reasoning, stated by the Student Activities & Leadership Programs(SALP/ Salp Psu ), is due to a budget deficit and an investigation into potential cash anomalies. *More information can be found in this Portland State Vanguard: The way the administration abruptly decided to close the cafe is a perfect example of the fact that it does NOT align itself with student interests, but rather makes decisions that deeply affect our lives behind close doors. The collective members who planned to work at Food for Thought this term are now unemployed and scrambling to find work in the middle of the term. What kind of administration would do that to the students it ostensibly exists to serve? We will not sit idly by while the administration continues to assault our collective and autonomous voice as students. Meet outside of Food for Thought at 10:30, next Tuesday, April 22nd. We will first march around the Earth Day celebration to rally up supporters, and then go to the administration. JOIN US! BRING FOOD FOR THOUGHT BACK! *Organized by: PSUSU - the Portland State University Student Union, PSU Student Action Coalition, Food Action Collective, Community Development Student Group PSU & PSU students.