Elephant Park


NW 8th & Burnside


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Sunday, March 30, 2014 from noon-3pm
Elephant Park
The City of Portland (among others across the country) has decided that our homeless population cannot have blankets to keep them warm at night because it defaces streets and businesses. We're here to prove otherwise. This is a mass protest against the treatment of our homeless vets, mothers, children, fathers and friends. No longer are we allowing political interests to dictate how human beings are treated. We're done. Its a sit-in of sorts. Bring your laundered blankets down, cover a shivering veteran, show your humanity. We'll be marching down 5th Avenue and ending in Pioneer Square. Can't make it at noon? Send us a message and we'll give you a real-time update of our location! #OpSafeWinter was a HUGE success across America and this is the culmination of all our hard work. We are gearing up for spring and rallying to get our homeless population massive amounts of blankets to ensure their warmth as we head off the last bits of cold weather. We call on all our Anonymous brothers and sisters as well as regular Joes to come out and support the homeless population. Spread this far and wide. Evolve PDX is an activist collective that stands against oppression, tyranny, homelessness and poverty. This battle is already won. They just don't know it yet ;) http://www.facebook.com/events/448929641905251/