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Sunday, April 6, 2014 from 6:45-9:30pm
Community Space
Sex is natural, sacred and a beautiful expression of connection. Yet too often the sanctity of sex is violated. These violations have less to do with the act of sex itself and more to do with having power over another. To truly put an end to sexual violence, we must come together as a community to dispel misconceptions, empower our voices to break through the silence, and bring hope, love and inspired action to this most important topic. • What does it mean to be sexually violated? • What does it mean to be a survivor? • How do we support survivors? • How do we end sexual violence? • What tools can empower our community? Over the course of the evening, we will empower each other to have the knowledge, understanding and resources to deal with sexual assault, violations and injustice. Join us for an interactive evening of empowerment as we: • Demystify common misconceptions and discuss ways to end sexual violence • Gain tools and resources for surviving assault • Learn how to support survivors of violence • Self-defense as a way of reclaiming power Please be timely as we will open with a very special performance of movement and spoken word, then move into presentations and exercises led by volunteers of the Portland Women's Crisis Line, and close with self-defense exercises by WomenStrength. For more about these amazing organizations, please see below. All genders welcome and encouraged to participate. Sunday, April 6th 7-9:30p Come early for the full experience... We have a full evening planned and every piece is a potent engagement in empowerment! 6:45p ~ Doors Open 7:00p ~ Opening Performance ~ by Amanda Rain, Joanna Prahl, Trevor B Giuliani, Niema Lightseed and Brittany Beetschen 7:30p ~ Portland Women's Crisis Line Presentations 8:30p ~ Open Discussion on how we can end sexual violence in our culture 8:50p ~ WomenStrength self defense training 9:20p ~ Closing Circle The Herbal Apothecary 2714 NE Alberta St. Portland, OR $11-22 suggested donation Donations cover expenses as well as supporting local non-profits working in the topic area Alternative contributions can be made, please contact Amanda directly to discuss Amanda Rain (503) 395-8069 or speakrain @ gmail (dot) com ~*~ Organizations ~*~ The Portland Women's Crisis Line is committed to ending domestic and sexual violence by providing confidential support services and education to empower our community. PWCL operates a comprehensive 24/7 Crisis Line and Sexual Assault Advocacy Program. In any language, the Crisis Line can provide needs assessments, peer support, safety planning, crisis intervention and information and referrals to community resources. The Sexual Assault Program provides specialized services to survivors of sexual assault. PWCL believes everyone deserves a life free of domestic and sexual violence. Learn more at Like them on Facebook at Since 1979, WomenStrength has provided free self-defense classes and personal safety workshops to people around the Portland area. They have taught self-defense skills to approximately 30,000 women and teenage girls, and personal safety workshops to over 100,000 women and men. WomenStrength is a program of the Portland Police Bureau. Learn more at Like them on Facebook at Facilitated by Amanda Rain Amanda founded Speaking the Unspeakable® to support people in speaking their truth with heart and power. Her unique blend of rhetorical studies, speech communication, shamanic studies, activism, political advocacy, debate, and life experience weave her communication consulting and interactive workshops into a potent experience of personal growth and essential skill sharing. She inspires courage to face our personal and collective pain to free ourselves to walk with honesty, integrity and truth as one human family. Her voice offers hope for the spirit and medicine for the soul. Opening Performance by Amanda Rain, Trevor B Giuliani, Niema Lightseed and Brittany Beetschen