Yachats Commons U.S. Hwy 101 at 5th St., Yachats, OR 97498


Hwy 101 at 5th St., Yachats, OR 97498


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Thursday, March 13, 2014 from 6-8pm
The ODFW marine reserves program needs your help, as well as input from other community members to develop sections of the Cascade Head and Cape Perpetua site management plans. One of the ways we’ll be gathering input is through a series of workshops, this is the second of our workshops that will continue through the spring of 2014. The site management plans will outline the best ways for ODFW to: · Share our scientific monitoring results and activities · Provide general information about Oregon’s marine reserves · Improve compliance through rules education · Provide opportunities for people to get involved Also, the site management plans will outline the community’s interests and priorities for activities above and beyond those of ODFW. We need community input in each of these areas to make the plans successful. Each of our workshops will focus on one of these sections of the management plan. If you are unable to attend the workshops, there will be other opportunities for input including conversations between stakeholders and ODFW staff and a public review and comment period before the plans are completed. Our second workshop will specifically focus on how to communicate ODFW’s human dimension (social and economic) monitoring activities and results. We will be looking to answer the question: What are the best ways to share information with the community? All workshops are open to everyone, so please spread the word and join us if you can. The workshops will be on the same topic but for each reserve separately. As additional workshops are scheduled we will notify folks via the marine reserves email listserv as well as by posting announcements on the Oregon Marine Reserves website: www.oregonocean.info\marinereserves. If you have any questions please feel free to contact Stacy Galleher or Cristen Don with the ODFW Marine Reserves Program at: Stacy Galleher Outreach & Community Engagement Coordinator Stacy.n.galleher@state.or.us 541-867-7701 x224 Cristen Don Program Leader Cristen.N.Don@state.or.us 541-867-7701 x228