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Thursday, August 24, 2017 at 9am through Monday, August 28, 2017 at 1pm
9am through Monday, August 28 at 1pm
SAVE THE DATES: Portland Ecstatic Dance Weekend Campout August 24th-28th 2017, Thursday thru Monday Who: Portland Ecstatic Dance Community and their Families **(Not a Public event. Please do not invite the general public. Please do invite your ecstatic dance community). As a guest you can invite other Portland dancers through fb. What: Annual Ecstatic Dance weekend campout to frolic and chill in the woods, on the waters of the Collawash and Clackamas River Scenic Valley with your dance community and their families. Dancing in the forest and being with the elements & dancers in Nature. This isn't intended to be a festival atmosphere. It is connecting with each other, movement, and communion with the elements. Spontaneous hiking, biking, swimming, hotsprings, daily ecstatic dances and community created music circles. Go with your own Flow. The Basics: 10th year *Located in a beautiful National Forest within 2 hours of Portland, near natural hotsprings, hiking trails, rivers and biking routes. Large, somewhat primitive, private Campground all to ourselves for 200 plus dancers. Plenty of private camping spots, several group camping areas and a central community kitchen and group fire pit area. RV and car camping available. No hookups. *Can come anytime from Thursday thru Monday 24th thru 28th, even for the day. Seekiing set up assistance on Wednesday 23rd. Please contact us. *Chill, swim, wade, dance, hotsprings, small craft boating, hike, bike. *Friday, Saturday & Sunday Ecstatic Dances under forest canopy at 11amish. (Let us know if you'd like to be the DJ this year). Possibly "Silent Disco" in evenings. *Bonfire, community created music circle, drumming and dancing each evening. *Children and teens are welcome and usually love this event. Know it's clothing optional. *Bring all your own camping gear, food, kitchen and cooking needs. Community kitchen(s) space will be set up for cooking and dish washing with canopy's and tables. There are picnic tables at tent sites as well. *Recycling and composting organized. *No potable water at site, but at nearby campgrounds. Bring own drinking, cooking water. *Friendly dogs welcome. * No cell phone reception. *Minimal cost- Sliding scale $20 to $Generous Donation, per adult person for entire weekend (your donation covers expenses, rental of entire campground and extra vehicle charges, per car per night). Children under 18 are free. No one turned away. Work exchange available. This is a not for profit event and is run by volunteers of our dance tribe. Please know it costed $1,900 to reserve campground. Last year's donations did not completely cover expenses, so we have $1,000 of our own money down on reservation right now. We're hoping to get enough money to cover this years expenses and reserve for next year. Pay Link coming soon. Silent Disco headsets can be rented for minimal cost,usually $10 for weekend, with ID. More info later. *Look for regular Updates. Campground map, and directions to site will come out in June 2017. Basic Schedule: Ecstatic Dance: Fri thru Sun., 11am, @ Meadow Circle Potluck: Thurs thru Sunday at 6:00 pm., @ Community Kitchen Community Temperature Readings: Thurs, Fri and Sat., from 7:30 to 8:30pm. This includes: new arrival introductions, appreciations, receiving and contributing new information, things bugging you and suggestions, hopes & wishes, gifting of talents & skills. @ Meadow Community Music & Drum Circle: bonfire at dark, 9pmish, @ Meadow Silent Disco: spontaneous Quiet hours are from 11pmish to 9am * Stay updated here on fb. This is a private event setting. As a guest you can invite other Portland dancers through fb link below. Please add a dancer you know that wants to attend. A core group organizer of any ecstatic dance can easily invite you. You can private message me too. Just ask if you're interested. We want our dance community there. Your Forests Nymphs, George and Donna