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Thursday, February 20, 2014 from 7-9:30pm
Power ~ What is it? Who has it? How does it work? How do we recognize and navigate power dynamics within communication? How do we shift the paradigm to honor the power within more than power over? What does the word "power" connote within you? How does this dance impact your life? This month’s Speaking the Unspeakable® will be unlike any communication workshop you have experienced before. An unconventional workshop for unconventional times. Come discuss how to reclaim our power, both within our lives and within the broader spectrum of our world. Come gain new perspectives on power to challenge, support and evolve ourselves and our collective. $33-22 Exchange Please RSVP directly to Amanda at 503-395-8069 or SpeakRain@gmail.com Inner SE PDX Buckman neighborhood RSVP directly for location info The intent and goal with these workshops is to develop the capacity to effectively respond to the various situations we find ourselves in. Life is spontaneous. There is no script and every experience is unique. Learning how to navigate each landscape with the greatest possible success is a lifelong journey that is well worth embarking upon. Each workshop includes teachings, exercises, and the opportunity to practice and apply the knowledge you gain, both within the workshop and in your personal lives. To learn more about Amanda Rain, visit http://www.speaking-the-unspeakable.com/about/. http://www.facebook.com/events/574814165945763/