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Saturday, February 15, 2014 at 6pm
For Immediate Release February 14, 2014 Contact: Rosella De Leon, Secretary General, Portland Committee for Human Rights in the Philippines,503.915.7283, portlandchrp@gmail.com One Billion Rising Dance at the Annual Filipino Olympics PORTLAND, OR – According to the United Nations, one in three women will be raped or beaten in their lifetime, totaling about one billion. Portland Committee for Human Rights in the Philippines (PCHRP) joins GABRIELA USA and one billion women and men rising to a global call for women survivors of violence and those who love them, to gather safely in public spaces to demand justice. “We recognize that we cannot end the various forms of violence against women, including gender violence, poverty, racism, war, the plunder of the environment, without addressing that they are rooted in a global imperialist and capitalist system,” stated Valerie Francisco, Chairperson of GABRIELA USA. Filipino women, youth, students, and allies will gather on Saturday, February 15 at noon at PSU’s Peter Stott Athletic Center to rise, release, and dance for justice joining the global movement called One Billion Rising. This event is a partnership between PCHRP, PSU Kaibigan, and the Northwest Filipino American Student Alliance during their annual Filipino Olympics, a friendly competition bringing together hundreds of Filipino American students in the Pacific Northwest. In the past, PCHRP and PSU Kaibigan have teamed up to raise awareness about gendered violence and practiced the One Billion Rising dance as a call to action. This action aims to gather even more people to rise to end violence against women. During the Filipino Olympics, participants will dance to the One Billion Rising choreography specifically designed and carried out in the Philippines. This same dance choreography by GABRIELA Philippines is being performed all around the world - Riyadh, Hong Kong, New York City, San Francisco - wherever there are Filipino communities. The dance symbolizes solidarity between diasporic Filipino communities all over the world that experience forms of gendered violence including human trafficking and wage theft. Video and photos of the performance will be available online. In 2013, participants in over 207 countries rose and danced in demand of an end to violence against women. This year, the numbers are expected to increase exponentially. PCHRP stands in solidarity with GABRIELA USA and calls on the Philippine government to respond to the issues of trafficking of all Filipino people, and to address the root causes of migration, poverty, and underdevelopment in the Philippines. The fight to end violence against women is the fight against an imperialist system that inherently imposes violence on women on different scales. Join us on February 15 in Portland to RISE alongside the global dance-protest to demand justice for all survivors and victims of human and labor trafficking, and forced migration! NOYNOY AQUINO: THE BIGGEST HUMAN TRAFFICKER OF FILIPINOS! END THE LABOR EXPORT POLICY OF THE PHILIPPINES! NO TO IMPERIALIST TRADE POLICIES! JUSTICE FOR ALL VICTIMS OF HUMAN TRAFFICKING AND ALL MIGRANT WORKERS! OUR PEOPLE ARE NOT FOR SALE! ### Portland CHRP is an organization of Filipinos and allies working in solidarity to advance the national democratic movement of the Philippines in the U.S. PCHRP serves as an outlet for local, national, and international action alerts, media updates, and general information related to human rights violations against Filipinos in the Philippines and U.S. PCHRP is an affiliate of BAYAN USA, an alliance of 18 progressive Filipino organizations in the U.S. representing youth, students, women, workers, artists, and human rights advocates.