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Saturday, October 14, 2017 from 5-8pm
Trillium Charter School celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month with the Latinx Festival. A family friendly event and fundraiser, open to all who want to celebrate Latinx and Hispanic culture, while raising funds for ELL at Trillium. Who is Trillium Charter School? Trillium Charter School is a K-12 school in North Portland, with a curriculum based in constructivism and focused on developing leaders for social justice. We believe that diversity is our strength. Why Latinx Festival? The month of October is Hispanic Heritage Month! We at Trillium Charter School are dedicated to fostering a community of diverse students and families, who are committed to creating a positive and celebratory environment for all members. Highlighting the importance of our Latinx and Hispanic staff, families, and neighbors in our school is not only fun, but critical to our mission as an inclusive educational space. That is why we are holding the First Annual Latinx Festival on Saturday, October 14, from 5PM to 8PM. Trillium is located at 5420 N Interstate Ave. Latinx Festival is a family friendly event and fundraiser, open to all who want to celebrate Latinx and Hispanic culture, while raising funds for our school. General admission tickets are on sale now, $5 per individual, or $15 per household (family of 3+). What Will the Funds Be Used For? In the 2017-18 school year, we hope to raise funds to: Help support our newly implemented English Language Learning program for our incoming immigrant families; Improve the functionality of our schoolyard, to make it as safe and fun as possible, including the addition of bike racks to accommodate the increasing number of staff and students who bike to school; and Improve our technology, including the purchase of Chromebooks for all staff and students. If you can support Latinx Festival through sponsorship or volunteering, please contact Patrice, or 503-285-3833 ext. 1090. What to Expect: Latinx Festival is going to be so much fun! There will be music, food, and plenty of entertainment. Students and teachers in all classes are dedicating the month of October to work on cultural projects on different aspects of Latinx culture that will decorate our building. Here’s a sneak peek inside the event: Food Refreshments Music LUCHADORES Face Painting Cultural Activities Raffle Buy a ticket today to get the full picture!
Tuesday, December 20, 2016 from 6:30-8:30pm
Count down to the Portland Love Army Launch ! First off, we're excited to be meeting up this Tuesday and see your bright and shiny faces. We'll be gathering to talk about the Portland Love Army's goals and how we can make them happen. Our starting mission is to serve and protect our local racial justice and social justice communities. And, we need your help, heart, and wisdom. Alexander Reid Ross, a PSU professor and scholar of anti-fascism will give a talk similar to one he gave recently in San Fransisco about organizing against fascism. Mimi German who's created the most successful neighborhood group in Portland so far, will share her wisdom and tactics from St Johns. Asa Wright a local Native American artist who just got back from the NoDAPL camps will be sharing his insights. Kirsten Hunter, a local artist with a social justice edge will talk about her work. We'll be accepting donations for Po' Shines' Teach Me to Fish training program. ( Bring a snack or drink, if you can! This launch is about building friendships which create networks.