222 Columbia Street NW, Olympia, WA


222 Columbia Street NW


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Past Events

Saturday, October 8, 2016 from 11am-5pm
*Disclaimer: The schedule is still subject to change! TIME Mahrajan Al-Arabe Stage Located in the Main Hall Shuruq (Sunrise) Stage Located in the Senior Center Montada (Forum) Stage *all workshops are located in Room 100, begin on the hour and run for 45min with a possible Q&A 11:00 AM Welcome Global Days of Listening—Douglas Mackey Arabic in 45 Minutes – Sally Brownfield + Saif Alsarhani Student Solidarities Panel—Lucas Ayenew, Shani Banai, Tessa Courtney, Grecia Ramirez Tapia 11:15 AM Argan Band 11:45 AM 12:00 PM Poetry Reading/Workshop—Maged Zaher, Mo Sati 12:15 PM Khaldoun Ramzi Youth Dance – Iraqi Women’s Assoc. of Kent, WA 12:30 PM 1:00 PM Youth Dance – Iraqi Women’s Assoc. of Kent, WA Readings for All Ages – Nadia Reimer Arab-American Artists Share Their Work—Koloud ‘Kay’ Tarapolsi, Amjad Faur & Irum Sheikh 1:15 PM Fashion Show 1:30 PM Palestinian Art – Huda Giddens 2:00 PM Al-Andalus Ensemble Coffee reading and Spiritual Counseling—Haifa Sophia Syria: War, Trauma & Resilience—Ayah Alhamdan & Aram Shahabian 3:00 PM House of Tarab Tarik Bentlemsani Islamophobia, Anti-Arab Racism, and Political Discourse—Sarah Eltantawi & Karam Dana 3:15 PM Henna 3:45 PM Jafra Dabke Dance Team The Salaam Cultural Museum and RCF will host a clothing drive to aid Syrian refugee families forced to flee their homes for safety and security. Bring to the festival clothing in all conditions, accessories, shoes, towels, bedding, and fabric curtains. If you would like to help SCM help the refugees by holding a clothing drive, please contact Rita at 206-545-7307.