Portland State University Collaborative Life Sciences Building, room 1A001


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At the PSU-OHSU Collaborative Life Sciences Building on the South Waterfront under the Tilikum Crossing Bridge.



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Past Events

Thursday, October 13, 2016 from 6:30-8:30pm
World-renowned climate activist and poet Kathy Jetn̄il-Kijiner will give a keynote address at Portland State University on climate issues that connect Oregonians and Pacific Islanders, illustrating how climate change affects us all and demonstrating the power of combining art and activism to inspire action from leaders around the globe. Cost: Free with ticket, available online at the PSU Box Office. Hailing from the Marshall Islands, Jetn̄il-Kijiner participated in the historic United Nations Climate talks in Paris last year, and received a standing ovation for her speech and poetry performance at the opening ceremony of the UN Climate Leaders Summit in New York in 2014. She's been featured by CNN, Democracy Now, Mother Jones, the Huffington Post, NBC News, National Geographic, Nobel Women's Initiative, and more.