Mt Hood National Forest



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Monday, September 5, 2016 at 10am through Tuesday, September 6, 2016 at 11:30am
10am through Tuesday, September 6 at 11:30am
Paula Hood, Co-Director of Blue Mountains Biodiversity Project, will lead a hike focused on helping people understand the impacts of climate change on forest ecology. Paula has spent over a decade working on behalf of forests and wildlands in Oregon working to defend forests on public lands through activist organization, public outreach, leading hikes, and field checking. Right now of the biggest questions for forest defnders is: How can we best protect the ecological integrity of forests in the face of climate change? Paula will lead a group discussion about current threats to the ecological integrity of forests from climate change and logging. The focus will be on streams and forest connectivity, and will provide some basic concepts on stream ecology and water quality. The discussion will include issues relevant to the east and west sides of the Cascades. A short hike and stream macroinvertebrate sampling may be involved depending on stream accessibility and group size.Paula Hood, Co-Director of Blue Mountains Biodiversity Project, will lead a hike focused on helping people understand the impacts of climate change on forest ecology.
Tuesday, August 30, 2016 at 5pm through Monday, September 12, 2016 at 6pm
5pm through Monday, September 12 at 6pm
Schedule: People can arrive as early as 5pm on Tuesday, August 30th to set up camp. We will begin our work the following day. Each day will begin with a morning orientation for new participants to help prepare for the day ahead. A typical weekday may look something like this (weekends will be more centered around community-led workshops and fun time!): 8:00AM: Breakfast 9:00AM-10:00AM: Workshop/training. 10:30AM: On field days;Divide into teams, and get field routes prepared. Depart into the forest. 10:30-4:00PM: Most days, groups will be in the field participating in pertinent field work and groundtruthing. Other days this time may be dedicated to in-camp workshops or nearby day trips 4/5:00PM: Teams arrive back at camp no later than 5:00PM to debrief 6:00PM: Dinner, additional trainings or discussions. We will provide: A beautiful campsite (NW Forest Pass will not be necessary to park) Water Light breakfast (oatmeal or the like) Coffee and tea Dinner - Vegetarian/vegan (please come prepared for more specific dietary needs) Trainings and information! Supplies for groundtruthing and other group activities Please bring for yourself: Lunch, snacks and food to stay comfortable and happy! Please plan to pack lunch to keep you fed each day you are attending (Food to share is also appreciated!) A water bottle, mug, bowl, fork and spoon Tent, sleeping bag and sleeping pad A flashlight or headlamp Warm clothing & rain gear (just in case!) Boots and a change of shoes A vehicle (if you have one) Donations we're looking for: Cameras GPS devices Camp gear Coleman camp stove propane canisters FOOD DONATIONS -- Check back for specific food needs as the event approaches, and as needs arise SIGN UP AT if you're interested in coming to the camop out or call (503) 331-0374 for more information. It is helpful to know you are coming so we can have enough food/space for all! If possible, please let us know approximately which days you are interested in attending. We will have a rideshare page (and driving directions) soon! Please use it to find a ride, and to offer rides to others. If you plan to drive please review Bark’s Expectations for all Drivers at, Driving Directions: Driving directions will be posted during the final weeks leading up to the event.