Mt Hood



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Friday, September 2, 2016 at 3pm through Sunday, September 4, 2016 at 9pm
3pm through Sunday, September 4 at 9pm
Mt Hood
Did you know that the logging industry is one of the leading sources of greenhouse gases in Oregon? Come camping with 350PDX over Labor Day weekend as we partner with Bark, the volunteer-led, Watchdog organization working to defend and restore Mt. Hood National Forest. We are very excited about this unique opportunity for climate education in the forest! We'll be guided on hikes through the amazing carbon-sequestering trees of Mt. Hood (some of the best in the world!) and visiting sites where we can see evidence of how the forest deals with climate (both good and bad), and how climate activism appears on the landscape. Maybe we’ll even end up at a river to swim! Camp Orientation and Campfire Activities: Friday, Sept 2nd > Arrive 3-5 pm on Friday, Sept 2nd Camp Orientation 2 and Guided Forest Hike: Climate on the landscape: Saturday, Sept 3rd 11am-4pm > Arrive 9-11 am on Saturday, Sept 3rd Plant for the Planet Youth Climate Academy, Sunday Sept 4th 9a-4p > Arrive 5-7 pm on Saturday, Sept 3rd -OR- 8-9 am on Sunday, Sept 4th Before you come! Read about the camp, what to bring, and what to expect. Make sure to RSVP to Bark! So they bring enough food for all of us!: Bark staff and volunteers invite the public to camp with us along the Clackamas River, near Bagby Hot Springs. Our group campsite will be free of charge and family-friendly, and thanks to generous donations from our supporters and local businesses - breakfast and dinner will be provided! We will be holding a wide variety of free workshops and activities each evening at camp, from live improv theatre to climate action training! This camp out is our way of encouraging more people to get involved to advocate for the protection this amazing forest. The primary goal of this camp out is to bring people together to gather on-the-ground information about the area threatened by the Forest Service's Hunter Timber Sale project.