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Sunday, July 24, 2016 from 2-4pm
On Saturday July 16th a meeting was held to discuss how to keep building off of the momentum and inspiration for change motivated in Bernie Sander's campaign for presidency. With a massive turn out of over 150 people, it's clear the Political Revolution is not over. We heard from Green Party Member Jill Stein and Kshama Sawant on carrying the movement on Beyond Bernie to continue the work of building movements and forming the base for a truly grassroots proworker antioppresive political power to represent our intrests and causes. The unDemocratic party has proven their loyalty to Wallstreet and the wealthiest elite in their offensive against Bernie's campaign. There can not be a Political Revolution in a counter revolutionary party! That is why we are rallying this Sunday the 24th at Shemanski Park (park blocks) at 2pm, during the DNC in solidarity with the People's rallies happening outside of the convention there! We will speak out against coporate control and corrupt politics. We will rally for real change in society, for socialism, equity for all! We called for a movement to build a party of the 99% and reject the corporate Wallstreet agenda represented in the Democratic Party establishment, to be a real fighting force and viable alternative to the dangerous growing trend of Right wing populism. We know that a Hillary Clinton and her financiers are what will throw fuel on the fire of a raging blaze being stoked by the Right wing agenda and bigotted populists like Trump. We need our own representation to fight the root cause of the crises in our society. We must mobilize, organize, and build movements for the masses. Together we have the power. Bernie has said it is not about him, it's about us. Lets take what we have gathered from our discussion the streets and take action. By showing up and turning out we can connect and build on this energy and passion. Join us to rally for the causes we believe in, organize to build our movements, and create a fighting party of the 99%! Bring signs, chants, morale! Please share and invite your friends! We want to make this huge. We need to show the DNC and rest of the establishment that we are NOT going to stay silent. They do not represent us! We are taking this into our own hands. https://www.facebook.com/events/1104042309666412/