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Friday, March 17, 2017 at 5pm
Peace and Justice Works Iraq Affinity Group is co-sponsoring the Friday, March 17 Portland Peaceful Response Coalition Friday Rally with the theme "The Quagmire Continues: 14 Years in Iraq." The rally begins at 5 PM at Pioneer Courthouse Square, SW Yamhill and Morrison, with a march around downtown beginning at about 5:20 PM. The US invaded Iraq on March 19, 2003. Even though most of the troops were withdrawn in 2011, they never left completely. With the US' war against the Islamic State starting in August 2014, there are now over 5000 troops in Iraq as "advisors," drone and conventional aircraft bombings, and, with the world's largest embassy, an unending occupation.Although March 2017 marks 14 years since the Iraq War began, one also can look at Jan. 1991-- the start of "Gulf War Part 1"-- as the start of what has now been over 25 years of US hostilities in Iraq. Meanwhile, though sanctions were put in place against the late Saddam Hussein's regime in 1990 to force Iraq to repay Kuwait for their invasion of that country, Iraq still has to make payments despite its dire financial and political situation. Making matters worse, Donald Trump told NBC on January 25: "We should've kept the oil when we got out"-- as if the US had the right to take Iraq's oil. For more information or to endorse or otherwise support this event contact Peace and Justice Works Iraq Affinity Group at 503-236-3065 or ; PPRC's weekly rally notice can be found at . A flyer for this event can be found along with other information at .
Thursday, September 8, 2016 from 11am-2pm
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Wednesday, July 6, 2016 from 11am-2pm
The public will join in the 3rd anniversary program commemorating the 47 victims lost in the July 6, 2013 oil train disaster in Lac-Mégantic, Quebec. As part of the annual U.S. and Canadian observation of “Stop Oil Trains Week of Action”, participants will gather to remember the lives the 47 individuals who were killed in North America’s deadliest oil train derailment. A program of original spoken word, visual art, and music will pay tribute to those who died. Since the tragic event in Lac-Mégantic three years ago, there has been a record-breaking number of oil train derailments and explosions. In light of the recent Mosier oil train derailment and fiery explosion, this year’s commemoration expresses the connection with rail-line communities in Oregon and Washington, and everywhere.
Saturday, May 7, 2016 from noon-6pm
On Saturday, May 7, nearly 300 cities worldwide, including Portland, will participate in the 17th annual Global Cannabis March. Portland participants will gather in Pioneer Courthouse Square for a rally that begins at 12:00pm, with a scheduled cannabis freedom march beginning at 4pm through downtown Portland, accompanied by a police escort. Musicians Garcia Birthday Band, The Hill Dogs, Mack & Dub and the Smokin Section, Bad Habitat, Justin James Bridges and John Cornett & Friends have joined the lineup for the rally. There will also be several guest speakers and non-profit organization booths. Come down and join us in the march for freedom. To continue tradition, a bio-diesel bus has confirmed they will be offering free rides along the march route to the disabled. The bus will be parked nearby the Pioneer Square for boarding. There will also be ASL interpreters for the hearing impaired. Come out and have your voice heard! Reasons to participate in the march & rally include: Protect the OMMP and continuing the fight for patient rights and access to medicine. Prevent of over-regulation of marijuana under M91 by the OHA and OLCC that could hinder, rather than aid, the creation, regulation and stabilization of legal marijuana related businesses. No Federal Scheduling - Removal of Cannabis from the Controlled Substances Act. It is time for the federal government to remove cannabis from the Controlled Substances Act. Networking with Other Local Groups – Campaign for the Restoration and Regulation of Hemp (CRRH), The Human Solution International, Parents 4 Pot Oregon , Students for Sensible Drug Policy Portland State (SSDP), Portland NORML, National Cannabis Coalition, KBOO Community Radio, Stoney Girl and more! Who: Nearly three hundred cities worldwide, including Portland, Oregon, will participate in the annual Global Cannabis March.
Friday, February 20, 2015 from 5-6pm
While the U.S.-led war on ISIS (/ISIL/ the Islamic State) in Iraq and Syria continues unabated, President Obama has called on Congress for formal authorization, prompting Portlanders to organize an expanded Friday rally on February 20th saying "No More War Authorizations!" It will be held at 5 PM at Pioneer Courthouse Square, SW Yamhill and Broadway. This week's rally is particularly significant as it marks the 700th continuous week that Portland Peaceful Response Coalition (PPRC) has led the event opposing war and promoting peace and justice. Even though President Obama claims to have the ability to conduct warfare by drone, human piloted aircraft, and so-called "military advisors" on the ground, a specific request for an Authorization for Use of Military Force was revealed on February 10. Among other things, it has been noted that the new AUMF's restrictions on the use of ground troops is fairly meaningless, there is no geographic restriction meaning the war can be expanded anywhere, and there is no call to repeal the 2001 AUMF which the administration claims is the basis for the current bombing campaign.-1 That Authorization specifically talks about those who were involved in 9/11, and does not, despite the government's assistance, say anything about "associated forces."-2 "Here we are, 700 weeks later, supposedly at the end of the Afghan and Iraq wars, and Obama wants to formally declare another war," said Rob Ranta, a core member of PPRC. "I think it's high time that the American people's voice be heard: We're tired of endless war." The PPRC Friday rally began on November 2, 2001, a few weeks after the US invasion of Afghanistan, and has continued since through rain, snow, heat, the FBI "holiday tree" sting, the drone wars expanding from Iraq and Afghanistan to Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia and Libya, several heavy-handed military operations by Israel in Palestine, the election of a Nobel Peace Prize winning President, and so much more. In the last year there's been media coverage of the Sandy-3 and Forest Grove-4 peace vigils, both of which have impressive track records but have less longevity than Portland's. This special expanded Friday Rally is being co-sponsored by the Peace and Justice Works Iraq Affinity Group. For more information or to cosponsor the rally on the 20th contact the Iraq Affinity Group at iraq @ or at 503-236-3065. For more information on PPRC, visit 1-"Obama's party threatens alliance against 'carte blanche' power to wage Isis war," Guardian February 11, 2015, 2-"60 Words," Radiolab, April 19, 2014, 3-"Antiwar vigil group changes schedule, but still committed," Sandy Post, February 4, 2015, 4-"The Nicest Protestors Around," Oregonlive, January 26, 2015,
Thursday, July 24, 2014 from 6-8pm
Please join us this Thursday- as part of a national day of action- in this urgent call to stop the Israeli massacre in Gaza, end the blockade, and End US military support Israel. In this latest round of violence by Israel, over 500 Palestinians have been killed and thousands are injured. Seventy-two percent of those are civilians, including over 80 children. One hundred thousand are displaced and living in makeshift shelters; electricity has been reduced to four hours a day for 80% of the population; water has been cut off to hundreds of thousands; hospitals have been bombed and there are shortages of everything from food to medicines. We must act now! 6:00 pm- Rally Pioneer Square 6:45 pm- March with stops along the way at stores targeted for BDS actions 7:45 return to Pioneer Square There will also be a Bike Swarm for Palestine and Freedom Ride for Palestine that will join the March and Rally. Details below. Bike Swarm for Palestine meet at 5:30pm- Freedom Ride for Palestine meet at 5:00pm- Sponsored by: Students United for Palestinian Equal Rights (SUPER) Portland International Socialist Organization (ISO), Portland Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) Americans United for Palestinian Human Rights (AUPHR), Friends of Sabeel Portland Oregon Fellowship of Reconciliation Portland Jobs with Justice Portland Committee for Human Rights in the Philippines Individuals For Justice Veterans For Peace Chapter 72 Portland Central American Solidarity Committee (PCASC) National Day of Action Facebook and Sponsors- *Please comment or message one of the organizers if you would like to add your organization as a co-sponsor!