Skidmore Fountain


Skidmore Fountain


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Saturday, July 30, 2016 at noon through Sunday, July 31, 2016 at midnight
noon through Sunday, July 31 at midnight
Avast me hearties! Sharpen yer boots and clean the poop off yer daggers! Every year for 173 years without fail, we pirate crews put aside our differences for a day and get our revenge against the fair city of Port-Land! As always, we meet at noon by the fountain of Skid-More, which commemorates the site of our 1844 battle against the combined militias of Port-Land, Vancouver, Troutdale and four highly confused people from Albuquerque. We lost the battle but won the hearts and minds of the people whose hearts and minds we stabbed. This year, we make our triumphant and heralded return to the land of Downtown. The crew will raid our past haunts, traveling from pub to pub as we take back the city, and raise the black flag! What could possibly go wrong? Huzzah!
Saturday, December 21, 2013 from 1-4pm
Note: This event will ONLY take place if 200+ people RSVP by December 19th. This ensures that we will have enough people for it to be fun, or we won't do it all. If you want this to happen, you need help spread the word, and think of something to gift to strangers simply to brighten their day! PLEASE READ ON TO GET ALL THE DETAILS: Last week, a little girl wasn't allowed to sell mistletoe at Saturday Market. FOX news and others media outlets have taken up the story, with headlines like "Oregon girl told she can't sell mistletoe, but can beg for money" and are using the story as a political device to portray houseless people as freeloaders with no initiative, and to push an agenda of government deregulation. No matter what you think of that political agenda, there is another way this story could be told. The law the girl was breaking was against SELLING things in public. If she had offered to give away mistletoe, there wouldn't be an issue, just like buskers give away performance. This is why she can't SELL mistletoe, but she can ASK people for gifts- because there is no law against giving gifts, asking for gifts, and offering mutual aid. And that is what Christmas is supposed to be all about. It is a holiday about good will towards fellow humans, the coming together of community, for the giving of gifts, and for looking beyond barriers. Let's focus our attention on that instead. Let's flashmob Saturday Market near the Skidmore Fountain on the winter solstice, and come prepared with gifts to give away to strangers and have a giant celebration of our life together on this spinning top of a world. This is, of course, for everyone, not just people who actually celebrate christmas. Everyone should bring something to share or give away! Some good ideas are: warm food, hot beverages, musical performances, mistletoe, warm clothes, hand warmers, activities, games, poetry... but it can be literally anything, as long as it is a gift that comes from your heart, and gives you joy to be able to give away for free. IMPORTANT! This event is kind of like a kickstarter. We'll cancel it if we don't reach 200 RSVPs by December 19th. That means we will only do this if there are guaranteed enough people to make it epic an beautiful. If you want to make this happen, first RSVP, then invite your friends, and then plan something really nice and elaborate to give away to strangers. PLEASE take your RSVP seriously, and if you RSVP, plan to attend. If you can't attend, but want to spread the word, list yourself as a "MAYBE" 'Tis always the season for giving, after all.