Ladd Circle (Park)



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Saturday, April 9, 2016 from 10am-1pm
It's spring, let's do something stupid. 500 laps of Ladd Circle is a century. Form teams of at least 2, switch riders at least 10 times during your laps, and turn left for a while. If you want to run it solo, bring two bikes so you can make your switches. Riders are responsible for accurately counting their own laps. Any bike is acceptable, but weirder is funnier. If you're not riding, let's party in the middle. Make a weekend out of it: April 7: Thursday Night Ride, Salmon St Fountain, 7pm April 8: Midnight Mystery Ride, Details TBA ( April 9: The Ladd's 500, Ladd Circle, 10am April 10: ZOOBOMB.