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Saturday, April 30, 2016 from noon-6pm
Cultivation Classic is Oregon's only competition exclusively for soil-grown cannabis free of mineral salt fertilizers and synthetic pesticides. By celebrating craft and community within the cannabis movement, Cultivation Classic, presented by WW with Farma and Cascadia Labs, supports and develops the leading edge of regenerative farming practices in Oregon. "This competition welcomes growers who can demonstrate a commitment to organic production methods, moving toward a regenerative approach," said Jeremy Plumb, owner of Newcleus Nurseries and Farma dispensary in Portland. "This competition regards the quality of the process used, as well as the quality of the product." CELEBRATION + EVENT Cultivation Classic celebrates and continues the regenerative agriculture conversation on April 30 at The North Warehouse in Portland. Presented by Willamette Week and Farma with Cascadia Labs, the event features acclaimed speakers and panelists, more than 30 vendors and interactive exhibits, food carts, and more! Tickets ($40) go on sale March 23. Cultivation Classic benefits nonprofit partners KBOO Radio and ResearchCannabis.org. SPEAKERS ANNOUNCED KEYNOTE Jonathan Page, Ph.D., CEO and president of Anandia Labs | Page, a professor at the University of British Columbia, is the first scientist to sequence the cannabis genome and make significant discoveries about THC biosynthesis. KEYNOTE Robert Clarke, executive director of BioAgronomics Group | Clarke's travels have led him across Eurasia documenting traditional cannabis production and use. His popular titles include "The Botany and Ecology of Cannabis," "Marijuana Botany," "HASHISH!," and "Cannabis: Evolution and Ethnobotany." INTEGRATED PEST MANAGEMENT Shane Young, chemical-free pest management specialist of Natural Enemies | As the owner of Natural Enemies, Young focuses on the use of beneficial insects and helping growers transition from chemical use to biological control, helping eliminate chemical use in crops. INTEGRATED PEST AND FUNGAL MANAGEMENT Kelly, Josh and Sky, Dragonfly Earth Medicine | Dragonfly Earth Medicine Pure is a standard that goes beyond the term "organic" and addresses the full spectrum of sustainable land and production. We look forward to delivering a message that inspires the community and opens there minds to new ideas. SOIL GROWING PANEL MODERATOR: Eric Brandstad, general manager of Forever Flowering | Brandstad is the leading greenhouse- and growing-efficiency expert in the legal cannabis industry. His goal is to help improve efficiency of light dep greenhouses and to educate growers and investors on how plants react in the greenhouse environment. Eliza + Nick Mahmood, Green Source Gardens | Green Source Gardens is a flower-producing family farm whose top priority is responsible and regenerative agricultural practices. Nick and Eliza run an 80-acre eco-dynamic farm in the foothills of Southern Oregon. Jesse Dodd, Biovortex | Dodd is the creator of Biovortex, a living conceptual art piece, utilizing the mediums of gardening, soil building, breeding, photography, writing, imagination, social media, conversions and presentations, with the goal of influencing the cannabis industry in the direction of a profitable and environmentally regenerative future. Courtney Zehring, Tokie Farms | Zehring owns and operates Tokie Farms, a living soil cannabis farm in southern Oregon, and has worked in the field of sustainable agriculture and development for more than ten years. Environmental ethics, land stewardship, and cannabis are her passions. Chris Jagger, Blue Fox Ag Services | Jagger has been growing vegetables organically for nearly 20 years. He began with a small 1 acre garden and now grows 40 acres of vegetables in the Applegate Valley of southern Oregon. Jaggers main goal is finding ecological solutions for the modern farmer that work in a financially viable manner. Michael Owens, Canna Cruz Gardens inc. & Wildcrafted Seed co. | Based in the Santa Cruz mountains, Owens utilizes native California soil, flora & fauna in a regenerative 'Wildcrafted' practice. An organic cultivation approach that helps to build biodynamic soils, aids plants natural defense mechanisms and greatly increases the medicinal qualities of Cannabis with award winning results.