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Thursday, April 28, 2016 at 1pm through Sunday, May 1, 2016 at 4pm
1pm through Sunday, May 1 at 4pm
Are you craving a deeper connection with nature? Time to reflect, unplug, let go and look at your personal story? Nature is our greatest teacher. Through using nature as our primary guide, we can learn a lot about our TRUE NATURE. Synchronize with nature to explore your personal edge and re-story your narrative through movement and cultivating community. Use the body as a tool for discovery, exploring our inner realm and the natural landscape around us. We invite you to a 4-day immersion in nature to become the ultimate version of yourself by letting go, embodying a new story, cultivating community, expanding your awareness, honoring all relations and integrating new understandings into your everyday life. ::::::Who are your guides?:::::: Nature: The earth is the most intellegent technology of existence. The balance, grace, perfection, resiliancy and ability to regenerate itself is quite miraculous. Nature will always be there as place to go for peace, reflection and to provide all of your necessities for life: water to drink, air to breathe and food to eat. We are more like nature than we think! Michael James Garber: Michael has been studying the body and movement for the last 25 years. He has had a successful career as a performer and choreographer living in NYC and studying Modern Dance at the University of Utah. He is a certified yoga instructor and Reiki Master. Michael has taught Master Classes and workshops across the US, Sweden and the Netherlands. Michael is the co-founder of Transformotion with his partner Ron Amit. Together they facilitate workshops and training programs that focus cultivating awareness of the body/mind, building sustainable connections, and holistic health management. The work focuses on unlocking the wisdom of the body through movement as a means of self-discovery and deepening connection to one’s spirit. TransformOtion is based out of Portland, OR. Shayna Gladstone: Shayna is an eco-entrepreneur, co-founding Earth Journeys, Dream Activation and NuMundo, each organizations promoting transformation. She has considered nature as her temple since she was a child and has always had a deep connection with her. She feels most comfortable living among nature and in community. The past 4 years were spent practicing permaculture, facilitating empowerment workshops, traveling through central and south america all the while, while growing her startup. Shayna’s presence is inspiring and her ability to ignite passion in others is remarkable. Bryan Arturo: Bryan has facilitated retreats & socially impactful gatherings from California to Chile while learning simple ways to honor and regenerate the planet. Supporting grassroots movements as a digital nomad and certified permaculturalist, he’s on a journey to find a balance between nature and technology and invites anyone and everyone to join in. Bryan’s bursting love and laughter is no joke. ::::Curriculum:::: - Honoring Interconnectivity Understanding the interconnection between our bodies and and our connection to the whole ecosystem. - Cultivating Kinship Building a sense of community through trust, honoring diversity, collaboration and inclusion. - Restory-ation Releasing fears and limiting beliefs to empower inner-strength and ignite clear dreams. - Ecological Awareness Exploring patterns in nature to explore patterns in ourselves and understand how to apply nature's systems to design whole life systems for the new story. - Weaving Worlds Practicing methods for maintaining balance and connection for applying nature's wisdom to daily life. Cost: $300 ::::Includes:::: Indoor Cabins or Camping Community Meals Included Register today!