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Tuesday, February 9, 2016 from 7-8:45pm
This “Cleaning up the Willamette River at the Portland Harbor Superfund Site” meeting being organized by the League and CUB, will prepare the people of our area for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA or EPA) “information and discussion sessions” being held starting February 4th, and for the subsequent public comment period. These “sessions” by the EPA will engage the public, prior to the cleanup plan being released this spring. The plan study area extends from the Columbia Slough to the Broadway Bridge. A list of EPA “information and discussion sessions” can be found at It is not yet time for the plan or public comment. But it is time to engage with EPA to learn more at these “information and discussion sessions.” The Portland Harbor Superfund Site resulted from over 100 years of industrial activity. The EPA has documented contamination in the water and sediments that is harmful to human health. EPA placed the Portland Harbor on the National Priorities List in 2000. The League and CUB-sponsored program will provide the community with an opportunity to hear from the key players involved in the process: Cami Grandinetti and Kristine Koch, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Leotis McCormack, Nez Perce Tribal Government Executive Committee Chaplain Barbara Smith, Lower Willamette Group, a coalition of responsible parties including businesses and public agencies that came together to participate in the investigation of the site Bob Sallinger, Audubon Society of Portland, Portland Harbor Community Advisory Group (officially designated advisory committee) Oregon Department of Environmental Quality representative will participate in the Q & A. Janice Thompson, CUB Consumer Advocate, will moderate the forum.