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Friday, January 1, 2016 from noon-3pm
This is a proposal for a spontaneous, positive, self-organized, non-violent gathering on Friday, New Years Day, 2016. Like a protest, the idea is to get a lot of people occupying a public space and behaving in a way that is so out of the ordinary that it cannot be ignored. Unlike a protest, the goal is to NOT be against any specific group of people, but rather to be FOR all people, as way of protesting against the injustice, violence, and hatred we see growing in the world today. The idea is simply to create a space where ALL PEOPLE are actively welcome, simply for being human, and for no other reason. The challenge is to self-organize to provide things like food, hot drinks, music, activities. The goal is, as Buckminster Fuller put it, "To make the world work for everyone in the shortest possible time, through spontaneous cooperation, without ecological offense or disadvantage to anyone." If everyone brings something, we can make something really special happen. Examples of things you can bring are: a meal (potluck style), coffee beans, instruments, and ideas for how to we can make the world work for everyone. Our first goal is to see if we can get at least 1000 people to participate in this action on New Years Day. 1000 people is an important number- when you get more than 1000 people doing something, it becomes "a happening" and it can rapidly gain momentum. To participate, all you need to do is come down (on time, or as close to on time as possible) and help make a welcoming space, by bringing or contributing something. If you don't know where to start, bring a potluck sytle meal or dish. You can read more about how this event *might* go by reading this newspaper from the future, written on January 2nd. WHY DO THIS? WHY NOW? We live in precarious times. November, 2015 just beat October, 2015 for the hottest month, on average, ever recorded in modern times on Earth, 2 months ago we saw the strongest hurricane ever on Earth, 85 people currently control more resources than the bottom 4 billion, and we have a nuclear arsenal capable of rendering the planet uninhabitable. We need bold action. Meanwhile, the sun and the rain are still free, humans only utilize between 7-30% (depending on how you define "utilize") of the planet's surface, we already grow enough food to provide 2800 calories per person, more energy hits earth in an hour than we use in a year, natural systems and human technologies already exist that could recycle that flow of energy and resources infinitely without ecological damage, and we (currently) have the internet. We have the technology. We have the resources. We can change everything, and we need to. This is why I think we should gather on New Years Day, and just start doing things differently. Start providing food and taking care of people, sharing information and ideas. We can't just fix everything right away. But we can create space for that dialogue that is safe and welcoming. What better way to kick off the new year than with a new way of doing things, a new set of goals to work towards? New Years, unlike almost every other holiday, is free of religious or national baggage. It asks us only to consider what changes we want to make in our lives for this new year, to become the people we want to be. What better time to start organizing to do things differently?