Flux Feminist Hackerspace


412 NW Couch St. Suite 222

Important Venue Notes

Press the Door bell that says Flux Open house and we'll come down and let you in. Building locks at 6pm.



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Future Events

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Past Events

Sunday, January 26, 2014 from noon-3pm
This Month's Speakers Paul Cienfuegos Community Rights PDX Our mission is to reclaim from corporations the Constitutional rights of people. We exercise our right of local self-government to protect the health, welfare, and dignity of our citizens, our commons, and our future generations. Mykle Hansen Famous Author Mykle Hansen Has Things To Say Mykle Hansen will hold forth with reflections on recent adventures and projects that he has survived. Ním Wunnan Air Business -- Shared concepts in contemporary art and web development I produce websites for a living, but my only degree is in painting. These two types of work often fight for space in my brain, but I keep discovering ways that they share conceptual roots. I'm developing a class that uses these shared concepts as keys for artists to learn practical web development skills and for engineers to learn how to engage with contemporary art. We'll also explore the differences betweeen the way that the two disciplines process and transmit information as a way to discuss big ideas about work, perception, and the production of new ideas. This is still in the research stage, so I will be calling for volunteers and suggestions. More TBA http://www.facebook.com/events/217632668423492/
Wednesday, November 13, 2013 from 5-8pm
On a planet drowning in plastic, its time to learn how to swim. Join us for a night of hands-on, computer-free plastic working. Make your own rubber stamps! Turn leftover UV-curing acrylurethane "rubber" into ink-pad stamps with our DIY UV development box. Customize kitchen gadgets and fix things! Learn to hand work medical-grade, biodegradable polycaprolactone, help make a custom funnel for a RoboCoupe food processor, and learn how to use this plastic to fix and hack broken things. Weld plastic bags into new things! Hands-on heat tools available for patching together thin plastics and joining plastic bags. Learn to make balloons and turn old plastic bags into thick sheets of recycled plastic textiles. Sew DIY vinyl raincoats! Mark Allyn will be showing off his custom glowing raincoats and talk about putting the fab in vinyl fabrication.
Friday, September 27, 2013 from 6-8pm
What's a feminist hackerspace? Why does Portland need one? Where can I go to work on my projects? Can I paint, program and build stuff at Flux? Come to the grand opening of Flux and find out the answers to all of these questions!!!!! Maybe you'll meet a neat person and solve a major world problem together via craft and science! Don't identify as a hacker? No worries, Flux is a place to get stuff done from collaging to reading to soldering. We've got room for you! Talks start at 6:30pm Featuring: Elly Blue on hacking the urban environment to make bikes work for everyone! Sarah Mirk [http://mirkwork.wordpress.com/] interviewing data architect Selena Deckelmann [http://www.chesnok.com], founder of PyLadiesPDX and OSBridge! Mathew Lippincott on alternatives to STEM! Drawings that might resemble comics by Molly Danielsson! Crafts with Robby Kraft! http://shapeyourbooty.tumblr.com/ and so much more! What's a feminist hackerspace? http://dpi.studioxx.org/en/feminist-hackerspaces-safer-spaces geekfeminism.org/ http://fluxlab.io http://www.facebook.com/events/575767085819293/