AFL/CIO Hall at 3645 SE 32nd (just south of Powell) Portland, OR



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Saturday, October 10, 2015 from 6:30-8:30pm
Joe Uehlein will discuss the urgency of the climate crisis and the appropriate massive response, resembling the home front in WWll, that must be made if we are to pass on a planet that is habitable for us, people who are young and yet un-born. In addition to speaking on climate and jobs, Joe will present in a form he calls a "song speech" where he uses his music to enhance the points he makes. There will be time for interacting. He is a labor leader with broad experience on the grass roots as well as the national level. And he is an accomplished musician and song writer. This evening promises to be an enjoyable evening learning about the climate and the positive things that can and must be done to improve our chances. Along with massive construction, carbon neutral work, education, health care and the like, will need to be greatly expanded.