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Sunday, October 4, 2015 from 12:15-5:30pm
(Going? please register at by Friday, Oct 2. Space is limited!) There is a realm of ultimate meaning and Creative Union where we can both express our full uniqueness and discover a new being -- a "we" -- that only arises when we step with resonant Presence into the shared space between us. In this "we-space," a higher order of human relatedness and new possibilities of love and co-creation become available. In this workshop we'll distinguish and practice 3 new, fast, easy ways of attuning and creating sacred, transformational space together. Come play with us and participate in the next big leap that will call us, as Luminous Humans, more fully into ease-filled community and co-creation. For all the details or to register, visit I'd love to share this amazing experience with you! (NOTE: I'll also do this in late October or early November as a teleconference, for those in our community who aren't in Portland.) love, Vika Miller ThrivingLife