Carkeek Park


950 NW Carkeek Park Rd


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Saturday, August 15, 2015 from noon-9pm
Carkeek Park
(This is the public version of the original event that can't be changed from Private -- ) We gather to celebrate the Sacred Fool! This is summer, the time of the everlasting day and the everlasting gobstopper. This is the carefree time of wonder, laze, sloth. And especially, this is the time of PLAY! We gather to worship silliness and irreverence, We celebrate the holeyness in everything! And everything is so darn holey! 12PM till whenever we want to go home Location: Carkeek Park~ The large meadow next to the salmon slide playground shall hold our opening ritualls and on and on fools fun and games until we decide to go frolicking about, ending with a food fight on the beach for easy dive in and clean off ability. you may want to bring a change of clothes for the ride home. You may want to bring clothes specifically for the food fight that you may never wear again...There is a public bathroom in the playground area! Phone coverage is minimal there so if you get to the field and we've already moved on, put on your giant ears and follow sounds of revelry, or head beachward and we'll be there eventually! A few highlights for our day: -- The Parade of Fools -- The Very Sacred Ritual Invocation of the Holey Fool -- The Picnic of Absurdity -- The Untalent Show (Creative Offerings from the Heart of the Fool) -- General Running Around, Games & Unbridled Insanity -- General Lounging and Extreme Sloth -- More Pomp and Circumstance AND …. For the grand finale,…. The Potluck Food Fight Battle Royale! We celebrate thru hilarity and magnificent irreverance and conscious insanity and the almighty effervescence (burp) of eternal gaiety. Come all ye misfits and ye fizzymits. Come all ye lame and strange and intensely unshamed! Ollie ollie in come free! Please bring: -- A blanket/chair to lounge on. -- Any costumes you want to throw together at the last minute. -- Food/beverages to share for the Picnic of Absurdity -- Potluck food/beverages to share for the Battle Royale Food Fight Fees for the event: Your vow to relinquish rationality and purge prudence. FAQs: Q. Isn't it wasteful to throw food? A. This isn't wasting! This is enjoying food on the inside and outside of our bodies. This is a sacrament and an honoring of food, delight and joy. Eat the food if you want or give it back to the world. Q. What kind of food should I bring for the Food Fight? A. Stuff that is soft and fun and safe and that will dissolve easily. Please no pasta, raw meat, raw eggs, Great examples include: warm instant mashed potatoes, icy jello, lots of carbonated seltzer water, chocolate sauce, lots of whipped cream, custard, pudding, ... Q. Are kids welcome? A. Are you kidding? ;) Kids are the masters of this sport! It's the adults (muggles) we're worried about. Of course, bring kids of all ages. POSTS