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Saturday, July 25, 2015 from 3-5pm
Update: *Go to the Flotilla! Tell everyone!* On Sunday our rally to action was opened by an Indigenous brother who performed a prayer and drum chant to welcome his ancestors. We were privileged to have his ancestors to be called and join us, and we are thankful for his offering. We had another productive meeting at Laurelhurst Park this Thursday the 23rd. We even had members from Idle No more, Cascadia, KBOO and people from surrounding cities. Many people had great report backs and great action ideas, however, we are short with helping hands. There were items that needs to be discussed like building our website, creating a specified contact list to secure information sharing off facebook, and more organizational building to support our mission which is to see Arctic drilling prohibited. People from the meeting and outside Portland Vs Shell have actions planned for the Fennica Ice Breaker. The Ice Breake Vessel will be in about 2:00 A.M. Saturday Morning. We are doing this, because Shells plan for oil in the Arctic will lead to ultimate destruction of Earth and devastate generations after our generation. This matters to every person. Read further for more information. Please join us next time. Everyone is welcome to come. Shell no and no Arctic Drilling for generations to come. ✊ Email us portlandvsshell@gmail.com P.S. Website and promo team welcomes support and many other teams do as well. We are Portland Vs. Shell by Idle No More Washington. We are a community organization against Shells Arctic drilling project. Here is why: According to the U.S. Government; there is a 75% chance of major oil spill and according to the Coast Guard Command there is no way to clean an oil spill in the Arctic. Moreover, Shell will be in the Chukchi Sea and their drilling location will be at least one thousand miles away from any Coast Guard Outpost for help. Shell has made promises they will do a good job, but they are not good at keeping their word. They were involved with perpetuating the Vietnam War, created misery in the Niger Delta for over fifty years and murdered five-hundred people from different tribes in Peru. These are few examples of their failed promises and shows our future if we do not not stop them. Climate change is already affecting poor and people of color, but loosing the Arctic will be bad for everyone. There are tribes who live in the Arctic; they will be immediately affected by this including people who live on small islands and the Pacific Northwest, because when the ice melts sea levels will rise and the planet will warm more rapidly. Essentially, the whole world will be devastated. We must come together to stand behind every person they have hurt and say "no Arctic drilling" for generations to come. We will have a call to action this Sunday the 19th, because one of Shells assisting ice breakers vessels called the "Fennica" will coming to the Vigor Shipyard, Swan Island, Portland Oregon this Monday. The Fennica experienced significant damage to its hull and will be in Portland for permanent repairs. Lets rally this Sunday Noon at Portland City Hall against Shells evil plan. Please bring everyone. Solidarity! http://www.facebook.com/events/789377574510922/