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Wednesday, June 28, 2017 at 6am
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Wednesday, May 6, 2015 from noon-1pm
the night of April 2, Bruce McAdie, longtime homeless in St Johns, raised here, well-known,burned alive. It was an unexpectedly cold night but there was no warming center available or men's shelter. He was trying to get warm at the McMenamins outdoor grill and caught fire. He was alone, drunk as was his customary problem- it wasn't fun at that point, far from it. He'd attempted recovery and got a year clean. But not that night. An employee ran with an extinguisher toward the fire rising in the bushes and only when he got there did he realize it was a man on fire. Officer Rod Gustafson who had known of Bruce's troubles and tried to help him was first on the scene. It was way too late and after four hours of Hell, Bruce died in the ER. The memorial will respect Bruce and provide closure for his loving sister, Colleen. It will also include attention to the need for better treatment of homeless beginning with a men's shelter. As Officer Gustafson remarked, "the city can afford the tram, it ought to be able to afford shelter for the homeless. Even if it is St Johns." Participants from the community are encouraged to bring clothing, especially socks and underwear. Pastor Kristy will preside, along with Jay Thiemeyer and Ibrahim Mubarak, KBOO family members NOON AT INTERSECTION OF N RICHMOND/N IVANHOE ACROSS FROM MCMENAMIN'S. IF RAIN WILL RELOCATE TO HUSTAD FUNERAL ACROSS RICHMOND