Returning to Lost Valley-Heart of Now Weekend Course March 17th-19th!





Heart of Now returns to Lost Valley! Join Us for Our Weekend Workshop in Dexter, Oregon, March 17-19th, 2017!

*Register by March 3rd and get the Earlybird Discount!

Join us for a weekend of healing while being surrounded by the sounds of the forest!

Food and lodging provided!

"What was revealed to me in all the eyes, tears and smiles of the weekend is the beauty of myself and the awesome power I have to choose that which enhances this unfolding experience of life." -Seth

Please forward this email to the friends/family that you'd love to see experience Heart of Now.

The next life-changing Heart of Now weekend workshop will be in the Dexter, Oregon March 17-19th at Lost Valley Education Center.

At our weekend workshops, the saying "the truth is within you" comes to life. During the Heart of Now, you will have the opportunity to curiously explore what is true for you as facilitators guide you through a set of exercises. You will be encouraged to notice your thoughts, the words you use, your body sensations, and any emotions or feelings that come up over the weekend. You'll be supported in your exploration by open-hearted questions, reflections of other participants, and our committed facilitator and assistant team.

Heart of Now specifically focuses on feeling and releasing emotion, as well as noticing and changing restrictive ideas we have about ourselves and others. We will be exploring self-judgment, practicing open-hearted honesty with ourselves and with others, and connecting with our dreams and passions so that these may become the focus of our lives. Heart of Now often brings clarity to those with confusion, healing to those carrying emotional burdens, connection to those who feel isolated, and inspiration to those who feel stuck.

In addition to working well for individuals, Heart of Now also works well for couples. Each person will get time to focus on themselves as an individual, and time to be supported as a couple.

In the last portion of our workshop, Heart of Now focuses on bringing what you've learned into the rest of your life. Heart of Now also provides several ways for you to continue your growth and your connection with the Heart of Now community, including practice groups in Portland, Eugene and Newport and the opportunity to assist at future workshops

Bountiful and healthy meals will be provided from Saturday breakfast through Sunday Lunch. We also provide beverages throughout the day and snacks during breaks.

Cost: Early bird registration is $275 if you register before March 3rd, registration is $350 after the March 3rd deadline.

Scholarships: Our scholarship program is made possible by generous donors like yourself. You may make a donation at any time on our website or at the end of a course. If you are interested in receiving a scholarship, please register online for the workshop and let us know in the "comments" how much you are requesting.

For any further details or to register as a Student please register here or e-mail or call 541-579-3084. To assist, please contact the Assistant Coordinator (Luke) at as soon as possible.

We hope you will join us and be part of this incredible growth experience!

Blessings, The Heart of Now Team

Here's what a couple of Heart of Now graduates have said about their experience:

"I just wanted to express again how grateful and blessed I feel to have met each and every one of you and experienced the weekend with you. The level of connection was absolutely amazing and I feel a true breakthrough happened in my life. I would place my Heart of Now experience as one of the most transforming and reclaiming experiences of my life. I want to say thank-you to each and every one of you for being a part of the toolbox to help me rebuild my experience, presence, truth, validation and happiness. And thank you, also, for letting me be a part of your own transformations. I feel honored to have witnessed you all. I feel a family was built over the weekend and I hope to continue to be connected with each of you." - Myrya M

"This has greatly affected my life in a positive way. Not a day goes by that I don't feel fortunate for having experienced the Heart of Now. Nothing I have ever done has had nearly this lasting effect!" -Fogarty

"Participating in the Heart of Now, as both a student and assistant, has deepened connection with myself, others, and spirit. The practice of honesty is so empowering in my life. I breathe, tune into my body, see what is real for me, and speak my truth - letting go of wanting any results. I continue to be blown away when I share with others something that I thought was wrong with me, and it actually brings me closer to them. I feel this energy running through my body that had not been there for a long time." -Deb C.

TO REGISTER (or to find out more information): OR EMAIL: OR CALL: 541-579-3084