Community Building to General Strike: Let's get started!


3029 Southeast 21st Ave

Important Venue Notes

Community Room on the 2nd floor



5:00pm: Workshop: General strikes history, organizing strategies, and building self-reliant communities
6:30pm: Dinner / Meet and greet (bring tupperwear and silverwares)
7:30pm: Workshop: Housing crisis and Housing co-ops: How to buy a house with friends
8:30pm: Discussion: Digital security / Know you rights / Community organizing

The entire event is free (dinner and workshops). It will be in the Community Room which is on the 2nd floor of People's Food Co-op. Please invite friends even if you can't come yourself. Thanks!

This event is part of an ongoing social/workshop sessions. Future sessions will encompass a diverse range of topics like how to organize your own communities, how to plan direct actions/rallies/strikes, how to change laws and policies, etc. These sessions are put on by PACJ (People's Assembly for Compassion and Justice). Please like our page so that we can keep you updated with future events:

We collaborate with other organizations very often. This particular one is in collaboration with PDX Democratic Socialists of America. Feel free to contact us if you have an interest in giving workshops.