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How to Imbue Your Life with More Meaning, More Joy + More Connection. We will use time, attention, connection + currency as constraints to help you create your own quest.

Taught by Melea Seward

Cost: It's $75 to enroll. At the end of the course, you will pay a second installment, the amount of which is completely up to you ($0 +), but reflects the value you received and the effort you created.

Space is limited to 25 participants.

In Create Your Own Quest, we will discover ways to imbue your limited time on this planet with more joy, more meaning, and more connection. We will use TIME, ATTENTION, CONNECTION, and CURRENCY as constraints to help you create your own quest. In literature and films, quests often involve extensive travel and adventure, but your quest can also happen in your backyard, in your neighborhood, in your city, or on the web.

Whether you want to visit every National Park in your lifetime, meet everyone who shares your first name in your zip code, or paint more, this course may be for you. Want to revive and pursue a dream that has faded? This is a great course to revisit and explore what is possible.

Week 1: Thinking Bigger: Assessing What Is + Exploring the Possible

As a culture, it seems we’re obsessed with life hacks, habits, and getting more done while spending less time on the doing. As adults, we tend to organize our lives around ATTENTION (what we pay attention to), CONNECTION (who we pay attention to), TIME (how we organize our days, weeks, month, years), and CURRENCY (how we pay for our lives, usually in some equation that factors in time and money). In this first class we will assess what is important to us and explore the possible.

Week 2: Motion, Preparation + Divergence

Luck favors the prepared. In the second week, we will look at famous and not-so-famous quests — we will break down how ordinary people have used constraints of time, space, place, money, and more to create more luck, or what I like to call, serendipity engines. It is difficult to stumble on an idea while seated, so we will look at ways to create more movement in your everyday life and prepare for the outcomes you’re interested in.

Week 3: Commitment, Activation + Optimizing Connections

How do you commit to an idea? How do you choose? In week three, through guided homework, readings, class discussion, and small group work, we will work on optimizing your connections with people and ideas.

Week 4: Surprise + Delight

Week four will be a co-facilitated class between the participants. You have to show up to see what happens.

Melea Seward, Professional Generalist, is a communications and strategy consultant, speaker, improvisational storyteller and writer. She creates time-bound, rule-based projects and games that explore performance in everyday life. Most recently, she created Board of Us, a playful facilitation tool that she uses in her consulting work with clients ranging from soloprenuers and small business owners to established nonprofit organizations and multinational companies, including NBC, HBO, Shore Fire Media, Elixir Design and Girls for Gender Equity.