Flamenco en Vivo


126 NE Alberta

Important Venue Notes

Our Auditorium, Annex and Piano Lounge has easy wheelchair access and disabled parking. We do have some restrictions on our ballroom because it was built in 1924 and resides in the basement down some stairs.


La Peña Flamenca is proud to present Flamenco en Vivo, an exciting evening of live flamenco music and dance with Carlos Menchaca, Kayla Lyall, Vicente Griego, and Alejandro País. These prominent flamenco artists will create a beautiful dialogue between the profound song, virtuosic guitar, and effervescent dance of Flamenco. Their show aims to bring audiences close to the heart of flamenco, celebrating the spirit of spontaneity and improvisation that is quintessential to this powerful art form.

Tickets: $18 Advance $20 At the door $10 Kids (ages 12 and under) To buy tickets, go to flamencoenvivo.bpt.me

For more information about this event, you can check out: www.espacioflamencopdx.com www.penaflamenca.org

Carlos Andres Menchaca - BAILE Carlos Menchaca began dance classes at age 10 at the Guadalupe Dance Academy and at 16 years old was dancing with the Guadalupe Dance Company. In 2006 Menchaca relocated to Albuquerque, New Mexico to study at the Conservatory of Flamenco Arts and to work with Yjastros: The American Flamenco Repertory Company under the direction of Joaquin Encinias. Currently, Menchaca is a soloist dancer for Yjastros as well as an instructor and choreographer for the conservatory of Flamenco Arts and for Tierra Adentro of New Mexico: New Mexico’s premiere school for art and artesania. Menchaca is also a lead dancer and choreographer with La Juerga Flamenco Ensemble, a flamenco collective that has challenged Menchaca in creating experimental and theatric works using flamenco as a medium.

Kayla Lyall - BAILE Kayla Lyall began studying flamenco at the National Conservatory of Flamenco Arts in 1999, and continued to study with the Encinias family until she joined Yjastros: The American Flamenco Repertory Company in 2004. Kayla won the Flamenco Expo during the Festival Flamenco International de Albuquerque in 2005 and 2011. In 2008, she went to Spain to learn about flamenco, studying with influential artists and developing her own flamenco persona. After returning from Spain, Kayla continued to dance with Yjastros, and received a Bachelors of Arts and a Masters in Elementary Education from the University of New Mexico. She also began collaborating and performing with La Juerga Flamenco Ensemble. Through the UNM Guest Artist Line, Kayla has worked with influential artists such as Carmen La Talegona, Antonio Canales, Jose Maya, Nino de los Reyes, and Concha Jareno. She is a board certified science and dance teacher at Tierra Adentro of New Mexico charter school, and teaches at the Conservatory of Flamenco Arts, co-organizing the performance company Teeños Flamencos.

Vicente Griego - CANTE Vicente Griego “El Cartucho” has devoted his life to the study of Cante Flamenco, the art of flamenco singing. In 1992, he began touring the US, Canada and Latin America with the Jose Greco II Flamenco Dance Company. He has extensively performed all over the USA from coast to coast in Festival Flamenco International de Albuquerque, Chicago World Music Festival, Santa Fe Opera and the flamenco festivals in Tuscon, Dallas, Santa Barbara, Las Vegas and LA. He is the instructor of Cante Flamenco at the National Institute of Flamenco, University of New Mexico and is the exclusive singer for Yjastros Flamenco Company. “El Cartucho is striking for his deep sonorous wails that seem to come from a cavern, someplace deep within his soul.” – Chicago Artist’s Newswww.vicentegriego.com

Alejandro Pais Iriart - TOQUE Alejandro Pais Iriart was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in the neighborhood of La Boca. Music, the guitar in particular, has always been a part of Alejandro's life. After moving to New Mexico at the age of fourteen, Alejandro studied guitar at Highland High School under Paul Nilsson. After seeing his talent for bossanova, tango, and other folkloric music, Nilsson introduced Ale to his next mentor, Luis Campos, a flamenco and classical guitar teacher who taught him some of the basics. Shortly after graduating high school, he began playing as an assistant instructor at the University of New Mexico, under Eva Encinias-Sandoval. Alejandro has taught himself the music of other guitarists such as Sabicas, Mario Escudero, Diego del Gastor, Moraito, and Chicuelo, among others. He performs as a soloist and as a dance accompanist with several performance groups in New Mexico and Argentina. He has accompanied classes for such artists as Juan Manuel Montoya "Farruquito," Soraya Clavijo, Andres Marin, Jose Galvan, and El Oruco. He has had the opportunity of taking classes with Jesus de Rosario and Anton Jimenez, cantaor Jesule de Utrera, El Entri, Ramon Amador, and Alfredo Lagos amongst others. He has performed in the companies of Alejandro Granados, Antonio Granjero, and Juan Siddi and is currently working on developing new projects and productions for his own company La Juerga Flamenco Ensemble.