The Tragedie of Richard III: Original Practice Shakespeare Festival


Gabriel Park



FREE Shakespeare in the Park

Note: This performance will be put on by an all women cast.

Original Practice Shakespeare Festival is dedicated to bringing a new style of Shakespearean performance to the Portland area by reviving the old. When Shakespeare originally penned and performed his plays, theatrical practices were very different than modern audiences are accustomed to.

First Folio editions of Shakespeare's plays include all the cues an actor needs to perform his or her role without rehearsal. This allows the truest reaction to the story as it progresses, and lends a much more immediate, organic and improvisational feel to the performances.Come prepared to cheer, boo, and generally reply (as a group) to what you're seeing onstage - the OPS actors thrive on it!

OPS is family-friendly (excluding the late-night shows), local, and FREE! For all performance dates, times, and locations go to See you there!