Kerns-Buckman Neighborhood Community Collection Event



1137 SE 20th Avenue

Important Venue Notes

Directions If traveling N on I-5, exit onto Burnside St., drive east, take right on 20th Ave., drive south to Salmon St. Meeting Spot Enter on Salmon from 20th Avenue. Volunteers will sort and dispose of items brought into the event based on re-usable potential, and may also pick up trash around the Kerns and Buckman neighborhoods. If interested in volunteering, please complete a SOLVE waiver form online and bring it to the event, or fill one out at the event. Volunteer Contact: or call 503.758.4173. Thank you for your interest and participation! The event is brought to you by neighborhood volunteers and sponsored by SOLVE and Metro. More information: after March 1, 2016.



In time for spring, neighbors can sort through their homes and yards and bring unwanted items to the Kerns and Buckman Community/Neighborhood Associations’ annual Community Collection Event for disposal. Bins tend to fill quickly so try to show up early in the event. Those items not immediately disposed will be set aside in a free area of reusable items that anyone may take home with them. Accepted Materials. Bulk waste (please, no food waste or household garbage), yard debris, furniture, small appliances, metal, tires, and e-waste (including computers, cell phones, LCD monitors, printers, and other electronics). Materials Not Accepted. Alkaline batteries, lithium/auto batteries, fluorescent bulbs, large appliances (washers/dryers/ranges/refrigerators/air conditioners/water heaters), exercise equipment, paint,** construction debris, wood, concrete, dirt, Styrofoam, hazardous waste, or anything flammable. For disposal options of unaccepted materials, please check the Metro website. **Paint cans without lids and dried paint are acceptable. Prohibited materials, not covered by METRO's disposal voucher program include all hazardous waste materials, all construction, remodeling or demolition materials. EXAMPLES OF HIGH RISK MATERIALS SUSPECTED OF CONTAINING ASBESTOS: Flooring: vinyl tiles, vinyl sheet, mastic, Walls: plaster, decorative plaster, Siding: cement siding shingles “Transite”, Ceilings: acoustical tiles, popcorn” and spray-on texture, Insulation: spray-applied, blown-in, vermiculite, pipe, HVAC and lagging, Electrical: wire insulation, panel partitions, Other: fire doors, fire brick, fire proofing.

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