Cascade Festival of African Films: FLOWER GIRL




Directed by Michelle Bello Nigeria, 2013 , 79 min.

This romantic comedy film, set and shot in Lagos, Nigeria, tells the story of Kemi, who works in her parents’ flower shop and is dying to get married to her long-time lawyer boyfriend Umar. Umar, however, is interested only in work and getting ahead in his career. When he finally gets the promotion he’s worked so long and hard for, instead of proposing marriage to Kemi as promised, he breaks up with her. Completely distraught, Kemi steps into traffic and is hit by a car. The driver turns out to be Tunde Kulani, the famous Nollywood movie star, who agrees to help Kemi get Umar back on his knees proposing to her.

In English.

Not suitable for children.